The 5-Year Perspective {happy anniversary to us!}

Last year, in celebration of our anniversary, I did something cool and created Our Mixi which was a playlist of 27 songs that told the story of us. This year will be a little less cool.

In the book God Never Blinks (so good), Regina says to "frame every so-called disaster with these words: 'In five years, will this matter?'"

While our wedding or first year of marriage were in no way a disaster, there were certainly parts that stressed me out, and after five years of marriage they don't really matter.

After five years, it doesn't matter that...

....we slept on an air mattress we borrowed from my cousin for the first few months of our marriage.

...we returned nicer wedding gifts so that we could stock up on the everyday essentials.

...our sofa came off a street corner, and the cushions had to be rotated in the sun because it had been outside in the rain over the weekend. (We washed the cushion covers, Febreezed the junk out of it, covered it with a cheap sofa cover, and kept it until we moved to Florida two years later. Oh, and sold it for $30! :)

After five years, it doesn't matter that...

...I felt big on our wedding day, or that the humidity made my hair frizzy.

...I was late to taking pictures before our wedding, and I forgot to specify I wanted us to be alone the first time we saw each other.

...we didn't write our own vows.

...I chose a dumb song for us to walk out on, which Daniel and my brother continue to make fun of.

Five years later, it doesn't matter because we're married! And that's the point.

It was a perfectly simple and low-key day. And I get to spend a lifetime with this great stallion of a guy!

Five years later, it doesn't matter that...

...Daniel nearly shed a tear as he watched his beloved jeep drive away with its new owner....

No, never mind, he still recalls that like it happened yesterday :)

Thank you for five awesome years, Daniel! In five years, all that will matter, is that I'm still with my wild, free coyote ;)