Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 15: learn from bloggers

Blogs can focus on any number of topics with bloggers sharing a variety of opinions and experiences. There's a blog out for their for everyone. If you're interested in it, there's a blog about it.

I'm particularly inspired by and grateful for the positive influence from Christian bloggers. Bloggers who inspire with their written words (like Emily from Chatting at the Sky). Bloggers who encourage with words that say we're not alone (like Kara's series at The Mom Diggity). Bloggers who introduce us to creative ways to help others (like The Pixi Project by Blaire at Wild and Precious).

Bloggers who share their passion for sharing God's love all around the world (like Jen Hatmaker). Bloggers who inspire with regular devotional thoughts to start our day (like all those who linked up with Call Me Blessed). Bloggers who empower us to tell our stories (like Darcy's series at Message in a Mason Jar). Bloggers who share their light, and encourage us all to do the same.

There are so SO many more. And I got to meet some of them this weekend at The Influence Conference. 200+ women all wanting to learn more about making much of Jesus with their little platforms. It's a very real community of very real Christ-followers, seeking Him day-by-day and encouraging others to do the same.

I encourage you to find your place in this community--either as a reader or a blogger or both. Experience this growing community of writers, and see how God uses it to increase your shine for Him.

I asked Christina of The Olive Tree to share how she lets her light shine, and how she felt her Devotional Wednesday's helped her and her readers shine...

This is Christina's response...

christina | the olive tree
>> To me it is really about walking the walk ... I strive very hard on a daily basis to be set apart. I don't want to be just a Sunday Christian. I want to be an everyday Christian. I want people to know that there is something different about me with out having to shout out I'M A BELIEVER ... I feel like they should just know. I try to do this with every day acts of kindness or service.

It is often times a struggle within myself on if I am doing enough for God? {as if it can ever be enough} I used to struggle with the fact that I spend my day with 3 people under the age of 5 ... I wondered if am I really furthering His kingdom!? The answer is yes! This is a season in my life, a very important season ... raising kids. Raising Godly kids. Raising Godly kids who will go on to live and impact this world.

On weekly devotions: It is funny you ask this because I honestly wonder if anyone even reads them? I always lose followers on Wednesdays. I am okay with that because in all honesty I do them for myself and if someone happens to get blessed in the process then praise God! Doing weekly devotions helps me because I make time every week to really study the Word. <<