Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 20: be in his presence

 >> What you are about to read was written Friday (yesterday) and scheduled for today. I'm taking an everything break. I hope you will too!
Today is a daughter-vomiting, son-throwing-yogurt-in-my-hair kind of day. The kind where clean towels, clothes, and diapers no longer fresh from the drier now overflow from living room seating. The sort of day where I'm regretting laziness over last night's dishes, because they're still there--lost under today's.

I'm stationed at the dining table, attempting productivity while ready for vomit-catching and well-child-entertaining every moment in between. Mail needs filed, budget needs balanced, eye appointment needs rescheduled. I'm playing put-together mom, unsuccessfully hiding that my soul needs a break.

I should note: this hiding is more like my 1-year-old stowing himself under the table during hide-and-seek--a hiding spot viewable to everyone except him. The unfinished (or never started) tasks cluttering my home are an obvious indicator something is out of balance. Something--someone--is not well in this home.

My head is quick to blame my sick daughter, but my heart knows that's a lie. It's really all a billboard to say: "The person that runs this home needs a break." And I do.

A break from writing. Writing for pay and for fun, writing in a book for Jesus and no one else to see, writing on this blog for 19-days-and-counting encouraging others to shine (and attempting it myself). A break from reading. Reading blogs, eBooks, past posts, and the SheReadsTruth Bible devotional plan. Meanwhile, the book I really want to read is staring me down, also in the pile that is my dining table.

A break from doing. Doing chores and work, bad habits and even the good habits. A break from talking. Talking about Influence and goals and dreams, talking about getting my priorities straight or spending time with my husband--talking through the doing.

I need a break from all of it. A break to stop producing and consuming and simply be in His presence. To just be His child. And listen. Listen to His stillness, listen when He speaks, and listen to the silence.

Won't you take the Sabbath with Him?

Shining really is all about Him anyway.