Letting Your Lil Light Shine | day 23: send a note

Pulling out the fancy stationary that's sat untouched in a photo box for actual years. Spending less than 50 cents on a forever stamp. Facebooking a friend for their address because it's never been needed. Googling inspirational words from Real Simple, Oprah, and Pinterest. Encouraging someone with a few words in smooth-writing ink.

How much does it really take to send a note?

Not much considering what it can mean to the person receiving it.

Tossing aside all the machine-produced junk mail for the handwritten gem. Opening the envelope to find carefully chosen words from a friend. Words of encouragement or affirmation or thanks, like Paul sent to the Colossians and the Thesselonians. Words of light.

A boost in a tough week or a gentle reminder that we're not alone in this world. Perhaps a word of prayer or a sort of long distance hug. An opportunity to reach beyond the ease of social media and impersonal acronym-laden texts--to show that we care... to let our lil lights shine in a simple, yet powerful way.