100 Things to Do Instead of Watch TV (or Browse Social Media)

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The idea behind setting Simple Goals is to take small steps to achieving bigger things. Setting the goal "Listen instead of watch" was my attempt at turning off the television and getting something done. Because what we do in our free time determines whether or not we will meet larger goals.

Instead of simply choosing non-TV background noise, I decided maybe I should come up with some ideas of what I could do when I keep off the TV. The possibilities of what to do with your time really are endless, so why limit it with keeping up on all the current shows?

PS, I'm working on this list while I watch Modern Family. Baby steps.

1. Read a page, then a chapter, and eventually a whole book.
2. Walk around the neighborhood.
3. Journal.
4. Make a yummy smoothie.
5. Get rid of something.
6. Go to a yoga class.
7. Do zumba.
8. Make something from a Pinterest board.
9. Bake something from a Pinterest board.
10. Send a note.
11. Call someone.
12. Take a picture.
13. Experience the season.
14. Plan a party.
15. Do an act of kindness.
16. Join a group.
17. Pray.
18. Prop your feet up and read a magazine.
19. Explore an inspiring blog.
20. Try a new recipe from a cookbook.
21. Visit a local store.
22. Make a project list.
23. Check something off a list.
24. Paint nails.
25. Play an instrument, or learn.
26. Dance with the kids.
27. Make a photo book in Shutterfly.
28. Edit some photos.
29. Write a blog post.
30. Browse the current Writer's Market.
31. Draft a query letter.
32. Learn how to write a book proposal.
33. Train for a 5k, a marathon or the Olympics.
34. Have a treat.
35. Draw or doodle or sketch.
36. Paint or color.
37. Create a landing strip.
38. Sort a junk drawer.
39. Pull unworn items out of the closet.
40. Go on a date.
41. Visit a park.
42. Play with the kids.
43. Ride a bike.
44. Write a story.
45. Listen to a podcast.
46. Have a spa day.
47. Start a tradition.
48. Read a Bible story.
49. Plan a themed date night.
50. Plan the week's meals.
51. Make a budget.
52. Create a goal board.
53. Write your next steps to complete goals.
54. Collect favorite meal ideas.
55. Research ways to be green.
56. Learn Spanish.
57. Plan a day off.
58. Put together new outfits with clothes already in the closet.
59. Do something for the Main Man.
60. Write a bucket list.
61. Check something off the bucket list.
62. Make a chore chart.
63. Clean one room.
64. Organize a closet.
65. Empty outbox.
66. Plan a girls' night.
67. Look at your cosmetics' toxicity, and find lower risk alternatives.
68. Decorate for the holidays.
69. Create a home style tray.
70. Start recycling bins.
71. Do a photo shoot.
72. Write a 5-year plan, with next steps to take.
73. Write a family mission statement.
74. Find a charity to support.
75. Tell your loved ones you love them.
76. Plan a trip.
77. Invite someone over.
78. Read up on a new hobby.
79. Cuddle with the kids.
80. Makeout with the Main Man.
81. Take on a 31-day (or 100-day or 365-day) challenge.
82. Make a list of 100 things to do instead of watch TV.
83. Attend a local event.
84. Work in a coffee shop.
85. Create a creative corner.
86. Create a reading nook.
87. Read with the family.
88. Attend a Bible study.
89. Set 4 simple goals.
90. Make a "30 things before 30" list.
91. Listen to stories from a parent or grandparent.
92. Go outside.
93. Plant a flower.
94. Create a "home management" binder.
95. Decorate a room.
96. Make keepsake boxes for the kids.
97. Work on the first 3 chapters of a book.
98. Set (and follow through on) blog goals, and plan editorial calendar.
99. Set (and follow through on) writing goals.
100. Sleep.

This is my list. what could you accomplish in the time you usually watch a show?


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