I Heart Recipes + Shopping Lists on My Smart Phone

Today is by far my favorite part of using Veggie Meal-Maker, and meal-planning in general >> automated shopping lists and the mobile site.

Automated shopping lists means that when I make a meal plan, ingredients from that week's recipes are all automatically added to my shopping list AND immediately accessible on my smart phone. What?! I know, it's awesome. No more list-making, no more pen not working in the store, no more lost scrap pieces of paper, or wondering how much I needed of a particular item. It's all right there for me. Meal-planning and shopping list-writing are no longer 2 separate items on my To Do list. Here's how it works.

veggie meal-maker mobile site on iphone or smart phone

1 | Visit m.veggiemealmaker.com on your smart phone.

This is VMM's mobile site. Log-in.  (Sign up for a free 30-day trial >> here, if you have not done so already.) You now have access to your day-by-day meal plan, your shopping list, and recipes all on your phone (or other mobile device).

2 | Add mobile site button to your main screen.

These instructions are specifically from my iPhone 3G.

2a >> Go to options.

2b >> Select "Add to Home Screen"

2c >> Type in the name you want to view it as.

2d >> It will appear on your screen with your other apps, and can be used similar to a mobile app.

mobile shopping list, meal plan, and recipes

3 | Access your recipes, meal plan, and shopping list on-the-go.

I spend no more than once a week on my computer planning meals, and save new recipes only about once a month or as I find one I want to try. The rest of the time, I access everything from the mobile site on my smart phone.

3a >> Veggie Meal-Maker's mobile site is where I access my shopping list, and add other items we need. (I even add in household items like toilet paper or laundry detergent.)

3b >> Each ingredient shows how much is needed for the recipe, and references what recipe it's used in. It's all in an easy-to-check-off list.

3c >> I also have access to recipes provided by Veggie Meal-Maker, as well as any I've saved to my account.

3d >> The mobile site is how I check the meal plan to see what's for dinner,

3e >> and where I view my recipe to do my cooking.

Does it get any better than that?!
I don't think so. Tomorrow I'll share a menu for a holiday feast.

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