Taking a Break from Social Media | simple goals

It's nothing new for me to ramble on about how technology is a distraction that needs to be kept in check. Case in point this >> post and this >> one. (I had a whole new rambling written, but decided to spare you.)

So, why yet another post on the topic?

Because I'm still not there. I'm still not content with social media's or technology's role in our lives. For our family, our community, or our country.

I decided to log in once each day, and always log out. It was a simple goal to help me towards a peaceful coexistence with social media and technology. It isn't working, and it won't work until I pay more attention to what I'm doing instead of logging in, and what I'm doing when I'm logged in.

I liked Taleah's idea on the 100-things-instead-of-TV post of writing a similar list for taking a break from screens in general. I'm with ya--the amount of time I stay tuned in to my laptop or smart phone is more concerning than the amount of time I watch TV.

I started drafting, then realized: The list turns out about the same, and has about the same result. I'll still spend too much time logged in, losing efficiency, losing inspiration, losing community, losing authentic relationships, and losing quality family time.

The only real solution is to take an old fashioned break. Shut the laptop, silence the phone, and step away. Go outside. Take a walk or take the kids to the park. Go on an unplugged vacation. Cuddle. Read. Meet up with a friend. Draft something. Agh, I feel a list coming on! The point is: Do something.

I know, funny that after all the theories and rambling and lists and pinning, the only effective solution is to just do it already. And that's just what I'm gonna do. I'm taking a break.

I'm not positive how exactly the time will be spent. But I know it will involve family and friends. It will include delicious food, and great books (I have 3 library books waiting for me). There will be cuddles with my kids and kisses with the Main Man. We'll probably take some pictures, and I'll think about all the reasons I have to give thanks. Most of all, I will be living my real life. And for that I am thankful.

PS, I have one more post scheduled for tomorrow so there's something a little more... thanks-invoking as the main post for the next week or so.