Dear Reader | February 2013

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Dear Reader,

A little confession: I used to hate Valentine's Day. I know--such a strong word for a holiday of love. It's just so overwhelming--the hearts, roses, mixed chocolates, and teddy bears, all covered in pink, red or purple. Nevermind the disappointment of "people" taking you seriously when you claim you don't want any part in it.

You know what? That's okay. Because my holiday of love doesn't have to include any of those things. We make Valentine's for the girly's friends that are blue and green and tied with twine. The main man knows I like any flower except roses, peanut butter chocolate, baked goods, and that I can't think in pink. And I'm learning to take initiative to do something special for others rather than wait for someone to do it for me.

The best part is that while it's fun to have a one-day reminder of the power of love, Christ died on the cross so that we can enjoy a lifetime of the power of love.
As the Father loved Me,
I also have loved you;
abide in My love. | John 15:9

I pray that truth will bless you this red-and-pink smothered season, and for eternity.

Happy month of love!


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