Dear Reader | January 2013

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  2 | resolution how-to
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  7 | shine on your phone
  9 | messy home tour
11 | human trafficking
14 | kids' indoor activities
16 | minimal makeup bag
18 | noah's ark
21 | squishy tush profile
23 | p+s photography
25 | a story to tell
28 | russian tea recipe
30 | bondage of debt
31 | coming in february

Dear Reader,

Welcome to a new experience.

Looking back over the last year, how focused and simple was 2012? Did blogs and other online distractions more often help or hinder your personal endeavors? As I evaluate my online-consumption, I realize I need limits and guidelines for not being so wrapped-up in other's lives that I forget about my own.

Along with changing my reading habits, my writing habits also need to change. Focusing on fewer but more quality posts while still covering a variety of topics, and freeing time to work on other writing projects. This realization and your feedback in the reader survey results brought about a few updates.

Look for these new features on

Monthly Calendar | The first post of each month will be featured under "Dear Reader" in the right sidebar throughout the entire month to let you know what posts are coming and when. This linear calendar will also be linked to the posts as they are published. Oh, and I'll still throw in the occasional surprise post.

Beginner Categories | The recurring categories include: Family, Nest, Eat, Create, Cloth, Beauty, and Shine. Posts will fit in at least one of these categories, and will be represented in a post each month to ensure variety.

Give-Aways | As I thought about how to thank you, my readers, give-aways kept coming to mind. There will be at least one give-away each month. These might be books I've read and enjoyed, subscriptions to services I love, or other fun products. All as one small way of saying thank you.

Beginner Beans E-mail | To make keeping up with as easy and time-saving as possible, I am now offering e-mail subscription to help keep you in the loop. I invite you to subscribe for Beginner Beans e-mail >> here to receive monthly post recaps and updates (like eBook launches) in your inbox.

You are also welcome to subscribe via RSS, BlogLovin', or Blogger if you follow blogs using one of those interfaces.

I look forward to "seeing" more of you in 2013!

Happy New Year!