Striped Dress 7 Ways for All Seasons

minimal-ish wardrobe

A few months ago I shared a little of my minimalist-ish wardrobe with 5 skinny-jeans-and-white-tee outfits. Ever since then, there's been a few key pieces from my closet that I've been itchin' to share. Not because they're especially fashionable or cutting edge, but because they are perfect examples of what should make up a minimalist wardrobe.

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

There are common minimalist-inspired characteristics for each of my favorites, including...


It can be worn in more than one season and can be worn for more than one occasion. Dress is up, dress it down. Wear it warm, wear it cold.


It serves it's purpose well, is at least somewhat comfortable, and won't wear out in one season.


It won't go out of style before the season is over, and maybe has been in style in some form over the last decade or more.


It is loved, will be worn frequently and is worth the space it takes in the closet and laundry hamper.

There are other factors I consider when buying or keeping clothes--fit, flatter, style--but these are the things I check when I'm looking for trusty go-to staples for my minimalist-ish wardrobe. And these are the reasons I love my skinny jeans + white tees and why I love this striped dress.

Striped Dress 7 Ways for All Seasons

Truth is: I could put together far more than 7 outfits with this handy lil dress that I bought for $3 at a thrift store. I chose the outfits that I felt were the most different from each other, and showed the versatility of this dress--both casual and dressy, for both warm and cool weather.

minimal-inspired fashion

Spring dressy.

dress worn normal with cardi belted over it
black cardi | wedge sandals | camel pleather bag | polka dot belt | teardrop earrings | low partial pony | dress

simple fashion

Fall date night.

dress worn normal with rolled sleeved blazer
black blazer | brown boots | camel pleather bag | tan pashmina | black chandelier earrings | subtle pompadour

simple wardrobe staple

Summer casual.

dress worn as low skirt with cami
black cami | brown sandals | leaf-print canvas bag | aviator sunglasses | diamond stud earrings | side braid

simple wardrobe basic dress

Winter dressy.

dress worn as high skirt with turtleneck
black turtleneck | peep-toe heels | diamond-clasp clutch | polka dot belt | diamond earrings | bun

minimal closet basics

Spring casual.

dress worn as short strapless dress with leggings
black cardi | grey slip-ons | leggings | braided headband | diamond stud earrings | pony

simple minimalist fashion

Summer outing.

dress worn as strapless shirt tucked into skinny jeans
black cardi | black sandals | skinny jeans | kazakh quilt purse | diamond stud earrings | naturally curly

minimal clothing staple

Pool side.

dress worn normal over swimsuit tankini | brown sandals | braided headband | top knot

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I didn't start coming up with any of these cute outfits until I stopped worrying about buying the new perfect thing I saw on Pinterest, and started loving what had already been provided in my own closet.
Why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies... if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you? | Matthew 6:28-30

Have some fun with the things you already own and come up with a couple new outfits!


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