Living and Capturing | guest post by julie

welcoming guest post
Today, I am happy to share this beginner space with Julie. She shares photography, motherhood, and more at her blog Back to the Basics. Enjoy this sweet lil post from her, and be sure to leave her some love on her blog.


As a mom of two toddlers (3.5 and 17 months), I am always on the go. Even when we are home, I am rarely sitting down! I am cleaning, laundering, playing, cleaning up, consoling, breaking up a fight, or bribing (my personal favorite--just kidding!)

  back to the basics: living and capturing moments with our kids

But sometimes, if I am lucky, I can break away, get my camera, and capture my sweet kiddos in their element. Sweet little feet tucked in a chair with a book. Messy faces at dinner time. Blowing bubbles in the bathtub.

  back to the basics: living and capturing moments with our kids

Riding a new toy in lounge clothes. Doing a puzzle at the table. Rocking in the chair.

  back to the basics: living and capturing moments with our kids

And I treasure these images wholeheartedly. Sometimes I frame them, sometimes I blog them-- I am trying to get better at compiling them into books before I forget all of the details of these moments. But always, I remember to not only capture these moments, but live them. Because some day (and soon, I fear), the photos won't be enough to tell the story. What I will long for is the smell of that bubble bath, the little squeals over new toys, and the weight of my babes on my chest as they drift into sleep. Those memories are the real treasures. 


Julie is a wife to her high school sweetheart and SAHM to their two kids, Brayden (3.5) and Kenley (17 months). She blogs over at Back to the Basics, where she chronicles her life as a mom and wife, her growing photography business, her addiction to scarves, and her need for coffee or iced tea. She is a born again believer of Jesus and is so blessed to be His.