Dear Reader | June 2013

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Dear Reader,

One of my favorite summer memories growing up was when our family moved from our home in the Midwest to live on a beautiful piece of property on the Tennessee River. This was quite a bit different from the small town I had grown up in, where we road our bikes everywhere and spent everyday at the public pool.

Now, we had access to fresh water right outside our back door. We had large windows surrounding our kitchen to watch the geese with their babies and see the blue herons stealthily move in on a fish. We also had our own boat at-the-ready tied to the dock where our yard met the water's edge.

This naturally beautiful scenery was obviously a joy by itself, but my favorite part of it all was my dad and our time together as a family. Before the move he spent long hours at work, often noticeably stressed when he was home.

This change of scenery and change of pace living on that corner of the river brought a calm to our lives. We got to spend lots more time together, cruising down the river in the boat, watching the rain as it'd pour in a line across the water, and overall just relaxing in an environment that put us all at ease.

I feel like that's also the essence of summer: not just time with family, and not just opportunities to get outside, but an irreplaceable blend of the two. Family time outside. Conversations and laughter and memories. Sunshine and storms and a warm breeze.

Togetherness in God's creation is just what I plan to give my family this season.
He cuts out rivers among the rocks;
and his eye sees every precious thing. | Job 18:10

Happy Summer!


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