In Between #fiveminutefriday

in between: attempting to balance what was never meant to be balanced

Hey, have you noticed it's been a little more quiet around here than usual? Maybe I notice more, because I see my calendar full of post ideas and a news + updates that was supposed to go out this week that I'm quietly forgetting.


Because I'm struggling living in between.

In between writing and motherhood.

In between personal passions and those that pay.

In between confusion and excitement over whatever is to come.

In between staying connected and being disturbed by social media.

In between courage at home and the Esther Generation.

Living "in between": The attempt to balance things that maybe were never meant to be balanced.

And that's where I am.


I decided I wouldn't write much here in the next two weeks while I work on meeting a deadline. (Wednesday's glasses post was the exception, because, well, I needed the feedback and I'm tired of wearing contacts.) When I saw Lisa-Jo's prompt for Five Minute Friday was "in between," I thought it was a good opportunity to check in.

You'll hear from me again Monday for a special announcement. Then, it'll likely be quiet a few more days. I'll be back by July 10 with a very special giveaway and a more regular post schedule.

Be here then!