Success is contentment in this phase.

31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner // 29: Success is contentment in this phase

Day 29 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner

Nothing says contentment more to me than being any place I consider home. A little bit because I side with The Nester (the host of the 31-day series link-up, by the way) in believing that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I've never really lived any place that has been perfect, per se. But every home I have been a part of has absolutely been beautiful.

Even my husband's and my first home, where our only seating was a sofa free-from-the-curb that had to be dried in the sun because we picked it up after a rainy weekend. Looking back, that season was a rough existence. In the moment, however? It was perfect and peaceful with lots to be thankful for.

In the months and years that followed, I've enjoyed browsing Real Simple and IKEA and Pinterest and lots of other sources for home inspiration. I've done Home Cures and tried to keep up with regular house chores as best I can. Basically, I continue minimizing, cleaning, organizing and arranging, moving forward on to the next success at home. But, for the most part, I always have some contentment and some sense of pride in the success that surrounds me.

Even now, as I look around at our small apartment, I am incredibly thankful for this place we call home. How some organizing and arranging has helped us fit better and use the space well, and we are content for where are in this phase. We are happy, ease-minded, and satisfied with this home.

This is where we have success--right now, in this moment.

Like I mentioned yesterday, success is a process that will continue to evolve and change with little successes along the way. The home we'll have in ten years will likely be far better, far more established than this meager dwelling place of 2013. But there is also always some success--some reason to be thankful and content in this moment. It is important to remember this along the epic journey.


Share a success you are content with in this season of life. Let's celebrate this phase's successes!

Day 29 of 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner