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October Wrap on Beginner Beans

This is now 33 days in a row that I've posted here on the blog. Definitely a record. Definitley one I don't plan on breaking for a long, long time, if ever. I'm lacking words and creativity in writing and I'm just plain burned out. Basically, the feeling when this introvert has been around people too long is exactly how I feel when I've shown up online too often.

So, here's a quick update on 5 non-epic-beginner things that have been going on over the last month, while I take a few-day breather...

1 // o t h e r   3 1   d a y - e r s

While I shared 31 Lessons from an Epic Beginner here this month, hundreds of bloggers were working on their own 31-day series. And even got to share in my friend's awesome series >> hereSee the full link up and topics >> here. (Bonus: you get to browse the whole series now instead of waiting 31 days for "the rest of the story"!)

These are a few of my favorites...
D A R C Y :  A Less Digital Life
E R I K A : 31 Days of Mug Messages
E M I L Y : 31 Days of Living Art
J E S S I :  31 Days of Wild + Free
M I C H E L L E :  31 Days to an Authentic You
M I C H A E L A :  31 Ways to Heart Edu
A N N : 31 Days of Calling on Jesus
H A Y L E Y : The No Brainer Wardrobe revisited
and so many more I'd love to explore!!

2 // a t - h o m e   c a s h   e n v e l o p e  s y s t e m

I've shared our cash envelope system before--including how-to make the envelopes + our own cash categories. The problem I've had is we get our cash once a month and I don't feel safe walking around with a month's worth of grocery money in my wallet. So, I came up with a $1 solution. I bought a cute little pocket accordion file from Target's dollar section, and used washi tape and a Sharpee to create little labels for each week of grocery money. The last slots are coupon categories, and the cash slots become receipt holders til I throw them away the end of the month. I am pleased :)

3 // c h r i s t m a s   c a r d s

Last year I made my own Christmas cards on PicMonkey, trimmed up the sides to fit in the envelopes I already had and bought fun washi tape to seal and festive up the envelopes. This year, I took Shutterfly up on their offer of 10 free holiday cards, envelopes and all--I just paid $5 for shipping. Absolutely love the variety of designs! If you don't have access to a discount like that, go >> here to see how to make your own on PicMonkey. It's lots of fun too.

4 // r e d   p a n t s

I am in no way a fashionista, and maybe that's why buying these red pants was such a big deal for me. I did my usual post-a-photo-and-ask-Facebook, and "Facebook" (aka my friends) was definitely in support of them. Thanks for the boost of confidence, friends! Thankfully I own a lot of neutral things, so I have no problem figuring out how to wear them. But I worry it'll be very noticeable if I'm wearing them every time someone sees me (I don't see people too much). I'll be sharing these in a future minimalist fashion post. Proof that minimalism can be bold.

5 // i n   r e a l   l i f e

I'm taking a couple months break from freelance writing to focus on home. Brylee is loving kindergarten and lost her first tooth. Ian is not interested in potty-training, while I prematurely bleached and put away his cloth diapers a few months ago. Daniel is nearing the end of fall travel season. We've enjoyed the pumpkin patch, celebrated my grandparents 58th wedding anniversary with family, and are loving having these >> guys around.

Bonus // b l e s s e d   b y   t h e s e   g i r l s

I've briefly mentioned a mastermind group I'm a part of. I've heard so much about mastermind groups from others and knew I wanted to be a part of one, but clueless where to look. When I cancelled going to a conference and instead signed up for a 6-month course, I met a few girls there that couldn't have been any better of a fit to collaborate with and encourage. It's really God-led in every way.

I know I'll talk about them more in the future, so here's a quick introduction:
A L Y S A  //  Kitchen Fellowship
M E R R I T T  //  Live Simply Love
E R I N  //  Filling My Patch of Sky
M I C H A E L A  //  We Heart Edu

PS, I'm asking you all what my freebie and next product should be. Learn more >> here. I look forward to hearing your feedback!


What about you? What's new over the last month in your world?

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