friday update // november

Wow, I've really disappeared from the blog lately. How about I quit making promises for future posts or products until I can get my act together? Deal. In the meantime, here's a quick update on what November has brought.

1 // n e w   w a t e r   c u p

After going through several of the clear Starbucks cups, Daniel bought me the chiseled copper version. It's easier to drink from than the bite tops or the sport tops. Plus, it's beautiful :) Also, he got me a coat this year. I've been wearing a softshell as a coat for a long time, and I complain (more like whine) about winter all the time. Not anymore! Amazing how dressing for the season can make everything better.

2 // t h a n k s g i v i n g

We enjoyed the holiday with some good friends of ours. Lots of lazing around and taking turns making dishes for our wonderful feast. There's nothing like time with family and friends to remember how much there truly is to be thankful for.

3 // b a k i n g

I haven't had energy for much, but when I have baked, I've wondered why I quit. I used to make things all the time when we lived in Florida. I think Susy-Homemaker left me when Ian was born and not sleeping through the night. Well, after enjoying delicious homemade granola, I think it's time she returned. At least for a while.

4 // c h r i s t m a s   d e c o r a t i n g

We decorate for Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving. I've done a small space solution (see more ideas >> here) the last couple years, because, well, we live in a small space. This year, Daniel really wanted our tree up, and proved to me that it fits. Sure, we don't get much daylight in that window. But it's just one month out of the year, right? We also have mistle toe, a wreath on our front door, stockings hung on a closet, the nativity, and our advent calendar up, although haven't been following the cards very well.

5 // f a m i l y

My favorite moments this month have been with the three special people in the photo above. We've been playing Uno (the kids actually do really good! Ian's throwing down the winning card in that photo above), and watching Planes and Christmas movies on Netflix. It's the simple family time that's the best.