You asked, you got it!

Survey results

Three weeks ago, I sent out a survey asking all of you thoughtful, smart people what I should create next. And your answers have got me partway through something that I'm working to have ready to send you all the end of this month.

So, do you want to know what it is?!

First, you want to know the consensus, don't you? Here it is...

Choose My Next Product - Survey Results

1. P R O D U C T S : Which type of product would you be most interested in receiving?
36% study guide/work book  |  32% e-zine  |  21% e-booklet  |  11% e-book

Hmmm... 36% and 32% seem awfully close. Anyone see a hybrid between those two coming? By the way, these were my top two picks too. I didn't think anyone would be interested in a study guide, but I am so excited to see this was a popular vote!

2. T O P I C S : Order the topics I write on, #1 being what you would most like to learn more about.
1 simplifying life and home  |  2 letting our lights shine  |  3 epic beginnings  |  4 turning bad days into good

Definitely have something in mind for each these, and anxious to share them over the next several months.

3. I D E A S : Order the following ideas, #1 being the product idea that appeals to you most.
1 study guide/workbook challenge on letting our lights shine  |  2 e-zine on simplifying various areas of life

Again, these two have sort of meshed together into a hybrid that I am loving working on.

4. F R E E B I E : What would you most enjoy receiving as a thank you for signing up to my newsletter?
39% study guide/workbook expounding on focus of blog through Bible study and challenges
35% printable word art that could be displayed that says something like "live simply with purpose where you are"

What about a study guide/workbook, laid out a little more like an e-zine with a free printable word art thrown in?

5. P R I C I N G : Whatever I create, I will make available to my e-mail subscribers for free. After that, it will be available online at a small price for anyone who missed it or is not a subscriber.What is the highest price range you would be willing to spend on a carefully written and designed product from me?
54% $5-$10  |  29% $1-$5

I am so enthusiastic about sharing these with you guys for free. Then, I will make the growing library of products available for purchase likely in the $1-$5 range. Happy to see half of you would be willing to spend more ;)

6. R E S P O N S E S : Any remaining thoughts, questions or ideas on this topic? I appreciate your feedback, and look forward to creating something with you in mind!
Thanks for including readers in on this type of feedback.

This is by far the most fun survey I've ever been a part of. Getting to ask you what I could create for you, and hearing all of your engaged responses, was so insightful. Thank you so much!

My Next Product

So, in case you missed my responses throughout this post, I'm working on a hybrid product combining some of the top picks.

This blog's (or rather, my) motto has become to Live Simply with Purpose Where You Are, which I plan to incorporate into the next product.

I can't wait to share it with you!

Be sure and sign up for the Monthly Dose of Simple emails, because that's the only way you'll get this and other of my future products for free!

Now, I gotta get back to work so this thing is ready for you in the next couple weeks!