friday update | february

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Now that morning sickness is gone, time is going a lot faster. Here is a little recap of my happenings in February:

1 //  b a b y   i s   a   b o y

Despite all my convictions that this baby was a girl, we found out baby 3 is a boy! We're all excited, but I think Ian's excitement might have a little more to do with the super hero onesies I found :) It'll sink in soon. We're about halfway through, and it's just starting to settle in that I have another baby to get ready for! I'm starting my lists and reading and spinning-wheel preparations that will likely make their appearance on -- my other, more baby- (specifically cloth diaper-) related blog.

2 //  c o u s i n s   e v e r y w h e r e

Have I mentioned that all three of my siblings and I will be growing our families this year?! It started this month with my sister having her second sweet baby girl--the little thing being doted on in that photo above. Then, in a month, my oldest brother's wife will have their baby girl. In June, my next oldest brother's wife will have their little guy. And a month later, we'll wrap it up with our little one. It's so much fun to be a part of creating the next generation and growing our family tree!

3 //  v a l e n t i n e   g e t a w a y

My handsome guy treated me like a queen this Valentine's. Flowers, peanut butter and coffee chocolates, and an overnight staycation complete with dinner, coffee, and a movie downtown. I felt very spoiled and loved on! But mostly because I realized this was just a bigger production of what he does for me and how he treats me all year long. I don't quite have the words for that peace and gratitude I have with him in my life. But it's worth mentioning, or trying to mention anyway. I am blessed and grateful to be loved by him.

4 //  b e c o m i n g   m i n i m a l i s t

If you're new to the simple-living online community then you may or may not have been introduced to Joshua Becker of the blog Becoming Minimalist. He's written a couple simple-living books. His latest, Clutterfree with Kids, was a best seller from when it first came available last month. And, exciting for me, a small snippet of our story on simplifying our photos is included in the book! I'm "Trina C. from Lincoln, NE" :) To top it all off, he shared his simplify message at a local church, so I got to meet him. It's kind of fun to introduce myself to someone I look up to and in response hear, "Beginner Beans, right?" Why, yes, yes I am. Thanks for remembering :)

Anyway, check out the book. Very helpful and practical in getting things under control with kids--because they certainly have a way of complicating the simplicity scene.

5 //  d a n i e l   t u r n e d   3 0

My main man turned 30 yesterday. Woo hoo! Last month I started asking what he'd like to do to celebrate. He said he'd either like to do nothing or do something big--so our typical small-ish gathering in our apartment was not an option. While he traveled overseas for work, I quickly put together a surprise-ish party. It was fun to design signs, gather simple supplies, and make these >> delicious enchiladas and avocado sauce for everyone. We also had red velvet cupcakes (his favorite), a little photo booth, and a money tree for people to add a dollar bill and a note instead of buying a card. That last one was an idea I felt a little awkward implementing but knew would speak his love language. It was a lot of fun, and worth the week straight of planning and preparing. Happy birthday, hun!

That's the nutshell happenings around here from the last month. Excuse my simple attempts at keeping updated. I look forward to getting back into a posting routine--have lots of ideas on simple, intentional and contented living. No promises when that will be, so these updates will suffice in the mean time.

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