Green is for Growth

What does your home say about you?

Working on the Simplifying Home week one checklist, I've spent some time noticing and writing down what I love about our home, as well as browsing my home style tray on Pinterest. The common theme through all of it: Green, greenery, leaves, nature, earthiness.

But that's no surprise. I recently had my handwriting analyzed by a professional and without knowing a thing about me, he told me the same thing: I love the outdoors and learning and simplicity.

And those concepts tie together throughout my life. They influence the way I dress and the way I nest and the way I approach life.

That's why I say cheesy things like "I love green both as a color and a verb." Because it's 100% true: Green is more than a color to me. It's a simple, intentional, content way of life. One where perfection isn't exactly possible, but progress is always worth the effort.

Green leaves are the imagery to the hope in the process, encouragement for the journey, promises of a better life starting now.

Or maybe I just like green and leaves. But I like to believe there's more to it.

What theme in your home tells something bigger about your life?