Simplifying Home: An 8-Week Challenge

Simplifying Home: An 8-Week Challenge
Welcome to Simplifying Home! This 8-week checklist is perfect for spring or fall cleaning, getting ready for a move or after recently moving, or just any time you finally get fed up and are ready to improve your home. It's inspired by Apartment Therapy's Home Cure with a little more focus on cleaning out and decluttering while living with purpose and appreciation in our homes.

Download the free 8-week Simplifying Home checklist >> here.

The checklist for each week includes:
1. Tasks for cleaning out and decluttering one area of the home.
2. Extra tasks for overachievers that really want (or have time) to do more.
3. Blank spaces to add your own tasks/projects for the week.

The end result will be a pleasantly cleaner and simpler space worth the challenge to get it there.

The checklists are more a direction for getting started. No need to check off every item for every week. But make your best effort each week and you'll notice definite progress in your home while you build your own momentum.

Find further explanations and resources for each week here:
Week 1 | Setting Up + Entryway
Week 2 | Living + Family
Week 3 | Kitchen + Dining
Week 4 | Bathrooms + Self-Care
Week 5 | Bedrooms + Closets
Week 6 | Office + Workspace
Week 7 | Storage + Organization
Week 8 | Wrapping Up

I hope you'll be inspired and encouraged to live well in your simplified home!

Take the 8-week challenge!

This is not time sensitive, so whenever you find this or whenever you're ready to Simplify Home, start your own 8-week challenge! I do some version of Simplifying Home in our own home every spring and fall. Simplifying is an on-going process, and progress builds on progress.

So print the worksheets, and reuse them year-after-year to maintain the awesome results of your efforts!

Share your own process (photos, thoughts, questions) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #SimplifyingHome.

I look forward to being inspired by how you simplify your home.

See the Simplifying Home ebook here!


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