The Kitchen - Fellowship Connection

Making the Kitchen-Fellowship Connection

I am happy to introduce you to Alysa from Kitchen Fellowship for today's post. I so admire and appreciate her passion for fellowship and restoration and starting it in the heart's of our homes--the kitchen. Keep reading for a few simple yet effective ways to start making that kitchen - fellowship connection in your own home and life. And check-out her awesome 9 tips for simplifying daily kitchen use >> here. A good wrap-up to week 3 of #SimplifyingHome, don't ya think?


Think about the amount of time you spend in your kitchen every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. That’s about 3 times a day. And 90 times a month. 1,095 times a year.

Not to mention the times you whip up a quick snack – or wash dishes. And the time you spend around the table? Sharing meals or late night cocoa? It’s time that adds up.

Time that can be used for celebrating, equipping and encouraging others. For nourishing the body and soul. Time that can be spent in thought, in prayer, in meditation – which flows more easily in a clean and peaceful space. When you open your heart and home, your life and the life of those around you can change.

And all of that, just from the kitchen!

I’m a big believer in welcoming people into your home regardless of little messes, but starting fresh with a productive spring cleaning session can give you the boost you need to foster more meaningful times of fellowship. Here are three simple ideas for doing that.

1. Clear Your Table

My dining room table used to be the catch all for mail, library books, craft projects, laptops, etc. The mounting clutter often led to eating in the living room which meant TV filled meals. Not the best environment for authentic conversations. By keeping the table top clear, meals became a time to share fellowship around the table and enjoy the blessing of wholesome food. No more mindless eating while absorbing ‘entertainment’. When your table’s clear you’re more likely to invite people over or welcome them to stay for dinner when they drop by.

2. Stock Your Staples

Keeping your pantry and fridge well stocked with basic ingredients for your favorite dishes makes sharing meals with friends a cinch. When your kitchen is organized, you’ll know what you have on hand so meal prep or shopping for a gathering is no longer complicated. And if you’re out of something? That’s the perfect time to involve others and ask a friend to bring a sidedish or a loaf of bread to dinner.

3. Invite Help

Spending time with people in your kitchen is a beautiful way to foster camaraderie. When your space is simplified it’s easy to point to a certain drawer or cupboard when your friend asks where the ladle is or wants to help set the table. Preparing meals side by side helps your home feel like their home. No longer are they guests sitting on the sidelines – they are friends and family participating in the flow of fellowship.

Also see 9 Tips to Simplify Daily Kitchen Use.

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How can you use your kitchen for fellowship this weekend?