Friday Update | Living Simply in April

friday update // april

Here is a recap of my happenings in April. I'm really hoping warmer weather is finally here to stay!

1 // pregnancy

I just started third trimester and thankful all seems to be going well. I'm sharing all of my baby and pregnancy posts on, my other more baby-related blog. I've shared updates on first trimester and second trimester, a printable new baby checklist, ideas for announcing baby, and how we save money preparing for baby. More to come as we get ready for Baby 3!

2 // (in)rl

Throughout this month I got to get creative with my mom and sister in planning our local hosting of (in)courage's (in) Real Life Conference. We covered glass bottles with scrapbook paper, washi tape and twine to use for vases; we created little journal booklets and got scrapbooking supplies for each person to cover their's how they wished; we made circle fans out of scrapbook paper for a photobooth backdrop; and we even borrowed an old typewriter to put with our "your story matters" penant banner. It was so much fun to work on planning this event. And the best part was seeing it all come together last weekend, meeting new people, hearing each other's stories. I shared more about it (with pictures) >> here.

3 // simplifying home

My sister and I decided to work on simplifying our homes for eight weeks. I posted the checklist here in case anyone was interested, and have been sharing weekly posts throughout the challenge here on the blog. Because of other things going on (see #2 above), I haven't done as much as in my own home as I would like. But I've still gotten some cabinets and closets cleaned up, and am excited to jump back into keeping this progress going. I just have two more weekly posts to put up, and they'll all be there to reference later whenever people are ready to jump in. See the Simplifying Home landing page >> here for links to each week and a printable checklist.

4 // marriage encounter

Our church runs a yearly Marriage Encounter weekend. I've told my husband a couple different times that I'd like to go sometime. He picked up my hints and brought home the info for us to register. We did that a couple weeks ago and it was such a special time of growth for our relationship. We didn't necessarily have any big issues to work through or discuss. Just the simple act of spending a weekend focused on communicating and learning how to do so was powerful. I might share more about it here sometime. In the meantime, checkout Merritt's recent guest post >> here on taking regular relationship inventories. Incredible insight on improving communication!

5 // family time

I mentioned last month that my husband recently transitioned to a new job. It's one that has almost no travel and keeps most of his evenings and weekends free. While he of course has the challenge of learning a new job, as a family we are so blessed with a newfound togetherness that we haven't known in a long time. If ever. (His previous job also called for evenings and weekends and occasional trips.) We get to plan our weekends together, have more meals together, and carry our responsibilities together. Whatever struggles we may be facing, our togetherness is certainly something I'm cherishing in this season.

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