Friday Update | Pausing on Purpose in June

Pausing on Purpose

This month, while I haven't been posting here, I've been pausing on purpose. Taking a little intentional slowing to enjoy this season that is otherwise tempting me to rush past it or hurry through it. Here are a few specifics of what that has meant for me in the last month and what I'll continue in the months to come...

1 // prepping for a break

With new baby due in three weeks, I am preparing for a maternity break of sorts. Sure, it'd be easier to just stop everything and drop all duties. But I have a few commitments I am wrapping up so there aren't projects left undone or obligations hanging over my head. For the blog, that means I'm lining up guest posts. I have quite a few favorites online that I don't take the opportunity to mention enough, so I will be introducing you to one a week starting this Monday and lasting into August. I'll likely pop in with my own post or two during that time, but I do hope you'll at least check in for these awesome guests.

2 // meditating

I know the importance of having down time, dwelling on good and positive words (specifically God's Word), and slowing to just "be." And in the busyness of life, it's all too easy to speed through this time and onto the next thing on my checklist. Especially after reading through the Bible in the last 18 months, I am now taking time to dwell on a small section of text. To slow, even stop, each morning and evening, allow these words to soak in, and breathe.

Along with this, I have also been going through positive intentions for pregnancy, and preparing for birth and a new baby. I share these intentions in a Birth Notes printable >> here on my other more baby-related blog. When I'm uncomfortable and facing lots of unknowns, it's all too easy to get discouraged and lost in a whirlwind of negativity. Calmly reading and breathing through these positive statements is just the catalyst I need to basically change everything--because that's just how powerful positive thinking and dwelling on God's good and true Word is.

3 // taking time for the little things

This last week we celebrated National Ice Cream Soda Day. A week before that, the girly and I made cupcakes to celebrate her 6 1/2 birthday. While at my Main Man's softball game a couple weeks ago, I let our little guy run through mud the whole time and stain a new shirt. It's been a breath of fresh air to make time and space to enjoy the little things. To let the kids be kids and not feel so stressed out about it. To let go of my need to control every situation. And to enjoy the little fun joys of life.

4 // doing the essentials

Pausing on purpose and intentionally slowing also creates room to get those things done that need to be done. I feel a little better about using my limited energy on the essentials of running our home (paying bills, balancing budget, meal-planning, etc.). This also creates space for a bigger life change that's coming--our move to a 3-bedroom at the end of July. The timing is less than awesome (any tips on moving with kids and a newborn?), but I am thankful for a cleared agenda to continue Simplifying Home in preparation for less stressful packing and moving.

5 // appreciating the season

Our home gets a little messy when I need to prop my feet up and rest. I'm back to taking naps in the afternoon when the kids do. Our evenings are chill as we enjoy eachother's company. Baby preparation happens in the moments in between. Some seasons come with lots of energy and lots to get done. This season is all about slowing down to enjoy life. Not the things we fill life with--job, tasks, hobbies. But real, breathing life. The people that surround us with love and joy and laughter and support and comfort. I absolutely cherish this season to slow down and really see their smiles, take in their voices, and appreciate them in this season.

Are you needing a season of slow? Whether it's for an evening, a weekend or longer, I hope you'll take opportunities to pause on purpose and appreciate the season and the people that make it special!


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