Friday Update | Living Simply in August

update of a simple life

A little update to wrap up August. Be sure and sign up below for the simple-living resources (and freebie) to come!

1 // pausing on purpose

I took a bit of a maternity leave after welcoming Baby 3 (Oliver) into the world. While I don't have traditional work, I put all my extras on pause to focus on baby and family for a few weeks. (I wrote about pausing on purpose >> here.) It was amazing to have that time covered in grace and freedom from obligation. Sure, laundry and dishes still begged for my attention. But I mostly tuned everything out to just focus on breathing--for my family and myself. Maybe a maternity leave isn't on your calendar right now, but I encourage you to take a moment--an evening or weekend or whatever you can muster--and pause to catch your breath. You'll be glad you did.

2 // online favorites

While I took my maternity leave from all things, I shared guest posts from some of my favorites around the Web. Here are those posts in case you missed 'em:
Our Yellow Door // Kitchen Fellowship // Where the Green Things Grow // Becoming Minimalist // Message in a Mason Jar // The Simple City Life // Marriage Readiness Project // Have Mercy

3 // back to school + cloth diapers

My oldest started first grade (I've temporarily become a coffee-drinker to get us all out the door in the morning), the middle is doing a makeshift preschool at home (more to come on that in October), and we got the youngest started in cloth diapers (more to come on Prefolds Love). Love our little arrows and blessed to now have our quiver complete :) // (Psalm 127 was my focus text for my pause; hence the arrow analogy.)

4 // the big move

Did I mention we moved recently? We're still in our same town in The Good Life of the Midwest. We're just in a bigger space with a little bitty garage, porch and yard--yay! This big move happened on the same day Baby 3 and I came home from the hospital. It was a crazy whirlwind. I have my season of Pausing on Purpose to thank for maintaining sanity through that. Stay tuned, pics of our new place to come as we continue to get settled.

5 // the next big freebie

As I'm easing out of my makeshift "maternity leave," I'm transitioning back into writing and designing. Which means fun things to come throughout October and a big freebie going to my e-mail subscribers the end of October! Signup below. An e-mail is going out this next Wednesday with more info.

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