New Home, New Task List

New Home, New Task List

Woo eee, do we need some Simplifying Home around here! I've found if I spend a lot of time writing about simplifying home, then I don't have enough time or energy to actually work on simplifying our home. So today's post is a little preparation for what I've got to work on after next week when I take a little break from all this writing.

I was going to share a few "before" pictures of our home, but got a little discouraged and overwhelmed. I'll save them for when I have some improvements to share in the same post. We moved-in July 18 and now three months later it's about time we finish unpacking, get some curtains and pictures hung, and let go of a few items that just don't belong.

Below are a few things I'm looking forward to working on to get our home somewhat settled and good-enough. This list is rather boring, but hopefully will provide some more home posts to come as I work on each item.

Front Porch:

  • welcome rug

Front Entryway:

  • lower hooks for the kids on the coat rack
  • shelf, mirror, or photo on plain wall
  • better "landing strip" for guests

Living Room:

  • baskets on the bottom shelf of the TV stand
  • white curtains over the main windows
  • empty space above sofa
  • guitars and pictures... somewhere
  • perhaps a blanket corraler


  • rugs
  • declutter front of fridge (place for kids' artwork)
  • countertop herb garden
  • kids' table placement/mat

Dining Room:

  • table vignette set-up at back entryway
  • landing strip for back entryway (rugs, hooks, tray)
  • art/picture/collage on empty wall

Downstairs Bathroom:

  • add photo, flowers

Upstairs Hallway:

  • long mirror/dressing corner
  • sleeping place for baby (we'll laugh about this one day)

Boys' Room:

  • beds set-up
  • toys storage
  • something they like on walls
  • curtains?
  • organized closet

Girl's Room:

  • toys storage
  • something she likes on walls
  • curtains?
  • cluttered, messy closet

Upstairs Bath:

  • declutter
  • bath organization

Master "Suite":

  • dresser/nighstand vignettes
  • plain wall behind bed
  • cluttered workspace, shelf over desks
  • cluttered, messy closet
  • messy bathroom


  • finish unpacking boxes
  • set up workout area (and use daily)
  • organize seasonal storage


  • shelves/work area
  • organize tools, etc.

Back Patio:

  • seating + table
  • welcome mat

Phew! Yep, it's definitely time for a little less writing and a little more simplifying/nesting.

What's on your home task list?

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