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Testimonials for Simplifying Home

Today, I'm sharing a couple snippets of "success stories" from a few people who did Simplifying Home. That 8-week blog series and checklist are the inspiration for Simplicity Versus: The Ebook and Simplifying Home: The Workbook.
By using Trina's practical solutions for organization and purging, I've been able to create a breathable space for my family to call home, and contribute to my community through donation. This inspired a lifestyle change that gently transformed my house into a more peaceful home.  – Katy,
The Simplifying Home series helped me simplify so much of our home and made putting it on the market even easier. In less than a week of it being for sale we already have an offer. Moving is going to be so easy, too! ... Somebody recently asked me if I had to cram stuff into places like the dryer or the trunk of my car before a house showing and because of that inspired massive purge last spring (Simplifying Home), I really have nothing to hide anymore! Do I still have too much? Yes, but it's a continual work in progress! – Kristi
It'd been three years since my husband and I bought our first house and it wasn't any closer to looking like a home than on the day we moved in. I didn't know where to start with organizing, simplifying, and decorating each room. I was absolutely stuck. Trina became my vast source for all things simplifying and gave me the easiest path to follow toward creating a home we love. Without her insight, encouragement, and ideas our house wouldn't feel like the cozy, simple home that it is today! Our space has character and embodies peace and restfulness. That wouldn't have been possible without Trina. – Alysa,
You can checkout the 8-week blog series and checklist Simplifying Home >> here.

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