Where I Write

my makeshift writing spaces

My workspace in our new home is located in our bedroom, again. It's mostly functional, although nowhere near complete. But the truth is that I don't really write there too often. Especially as I'm working even more to finish up Simplicity Versus: The Ebook and complete this 31-countdown to its release, my laptop follows me around our home. I write as the kids play or watch TV in the living room, as they eat lunch at the table, or even as we make food in the kitchen.

Not really ideal. But in this short time of spending too much time on the computer to reach this upcoming goal, it's good enough. It keeps me within reach of the kids even as I'm obviously distracted. A little messy, a little imperfect, but gets the job done. And that's the state of our home in general. I'm anxious to finish-up this ebook and jump into Simplifying our Home after this countdown!

simplicity vs. series