Mantras for Moms + Lines of Grace Giveaway

mantras for moms + Lines of Grace giveaway

*Note: The following mantras first appeared on Prefolds Love.
The giveaway is provided by Melissa Lyon West of Lines of Grace.

Last week I had an Instagram fail. I tried posting the above picture of my fussy baby with a little explanation of the tension I felt in that moment. The tension between seeing a little bit of "perfect motherhood" online while my boy's tantrum wakes his little brother and they both take turns crying at me instead of napping.

Yeah, that kind of tension. The kind where I see a professional-esque photo of a mom's best moments hashtagged #everydaylife, while my everyday life looks messy and loud and stressful.

Of course, there's plenty of moments where my kids and I smile lovingly at each other. Of course there are times that I slow to memorize their sweet little features and enjoy their joyful sounds. Of course I love being a mom.

Also, it's hard. And I go about it very imperfectly. And my kids are crazy. And there is tension, because I want to remember all the innocence, but denying the present chaos and struggle would be untrue of my experience.

So, I posted it, and then took it down when I realized I wasn't getting the words out right. When my attempt at encouragement sounded more like a mean girl trashing moms who seem to have it easy. Definitely not the point or my intentions.

There are lots of sweet moments in motherhood. And we'd do well to embrace them and cherish them, because we'll long for them for years to come. For all of the other moments? The ones that make us hold our breath or tense up? Well, there can be peace in those moments, too. It just takes a little (or a lot) more effort.

It takes some redirecting our focus and intentionally putting it on encouraging words. That's what I hope this post is for you. Ideas of encouraging words you can repeat to yourself, and an introduction of a shop that focuses on offering that to you. Encouragement for the tense moments. Either through choosing your own print, or signing up for monthly "happy mail." More on that below. First, a few mantras.

positive thoughts for motherhood

Mantras for Tense Mom Moments

I experience tensions in motherhood when I'm not meeting my own high standards of "good mothering," when I feel inferior to other "good mothers" around me, and when my kids' various phases add a kink to our routine. Following are three mantras I have used to get me through these moments of struggle as a mom.

I am doing my best with what I'm given.

I only have my unique brand of strengths and weaknesses and my kids' unique brand of sweetness and crazy. No one else can do what I do because they're not me and my kids aren't theirs.

My best will look different than other moms' best.

What I consider essential as a mother will inevitably be different from what other moms consider essential. Different doesn't mean better or worse, it just means different. No reason to judge or feel inferior when we're all just doing our best.

Good enough is always good enough.

Even when I think I'm doing pretty good, I'll likely disappoint my kids in some way I didn't even consider. And even when I think I'm failing miserably, I'll likely still come through for them (or Jesus in me will) in the important ways. I need to give myself a break and accept my best effort as good enough, because I can't perfect every scenario.

They will survive the tense moments and so will we.

Now on to the giveaway!

a Lines of Grace giveaway

Lines of Grace + Giveaway

Here >> Melissa shares some of her fears revolving around a diagnosis that led to her tensest moments. Focusing on uplifting words is what pulled her through a dark time, and that is where Lines of Grace came from. Melissa offers visual reminders of God's goodness and truth, even if your tense moments look different than hers.

Beyond a shop of inspiring prints, Melissa also offers The Happy Mail Society. For a small monthly price, she sends out a bundle of encouragement to refresh and refocus. You can sign up for her free newsletter to receive a free month of The Happy Mail Society (use Rafflecopter below).

She is also giving away THREE free months of The Happy Mail Society to one of you! Use the following Rafflecopter form to enter. Do all three for more chances to win.

Winner announced below:

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For those who didn't win, sign-up for The Happy Mail Society on your own and choose a print of choice from the shop. Just mention Beginner Beans and which print you want when you checkout.

Thank you, Melissa, for offering this generous + uplifting gift!