Weekly and Monthly Planning

2015 Weekly + Monthly Printable Calendars

weekly + monthly calendars

I'm a planner at heart, so calendars and paper planners are probably my favorite part of the New Year. After using a variety of planners, I've found several that I like and have made most of them work for me. This year I combined my preferred features into my own weekly and monthly calendar pages.

Keep reading for tips on how to use them and make the most of your planning this year.

2015 Monthly Calendar

how to use monthly calendar pages

12-Month Printable 2015 Calendar

1 | Do wide lens planning.

Use monthly calendars to do planning ahead. This is less about the little tasks for each day, and more about knowing if you're free on a specific Tuesday morning. Only mark things that are time/day specific.

2 | Make quick notes to reference.

If you have a doctor's appointment (or other set-time event), mark very briefly what it is and when. That's all you need for at-a-glance planning.

3 | Bring in the stickies for details.

If you have more specifics that you need to remember, write them down on a sticky note. This can be added to the weekly planning page, and won't take up limited space on your monthly calendar.

4 | Print more than one.

Because monthly calendars are for at-a-glance planning, feel free to print more than one for each month. You might have one for home and one for work, or even one to map out a count-down or an exercise challenge. Then, put the respective calendars where they're needed. For instance, my family calendar is kept at my desk near my planner and my blogging calendar is kept on my clipboard.

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2015 Weekly Calendar

how to use weekly planner pages

52-Week Printable 2015 Calendar

1 | Write in time-specific appointments.

The first column of the calendar is a good place to write in meetings, appointments, events, or outings that have a set time. They can be written in the order they're set, or they can be written based on morning, afternoon, and evening. 

2 | Choose your task categories.

Whatever takes a large chunk of your time or whatever you would like to focus on, gets its own column. Work and home are two of the obvious. I usually put errands in a separate category to group the things I need to get done when I'm out of the home.

3 | Use the power of the Top 3.

When you're planning the week, start with no more than three tasks for category. It also helps to start with planning the first day, then adjust the next day's tasks once you see what you're able to get done. Wait to add any more tasks, until you've completed something.

4 | Rest on the 7th day.

Take the last day of the week off and do something different from the usual routine. Rest, read, enjoy time with the family. Refresh and rejuvenate before you jump into the next week.

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Making the Most of Your 2015

ideas for the new year

1 | Consider monthly resolutions.

2 | Make your beginnings mean something.

3 | Get your life in order by simplifying.


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