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Rockin' Warby Parker's Free Home Try-on
"Nice glasses."

I was helping in the cafeteria line at a summer camp, and one of the guy counselors was going through line to get his food. I usually wore contacts back then, but that day busted out my thick-rimmed burgundy Candies glasses.

Apparently, he noticed.

"Thanks," I say.

Then, he pauses in line to clarify, "Oh. No, I meant 'Nice (pause for emphasis), you're wearing glasses.'"

Uh, ok?

I share that mostly because I think it's funny.

Also, it's glasses time again!

And for some reason his "nice glasses" keeps coming to mind.

We had another Warby Parker home try-on. This will be my second pair of glasses and my first pair of sunglasses from them.

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What You Need to Know About Warby Parker

I've shared about Warby Parker before here and here. Here's a quick recap...

Warby Parker // what you need to know

Warby Parker glasses are super affordable.

Frames with prescription lenses start at $95 total and sunglasses with prescription lenses start at $150 total. We save tons compared to all the other glasses we've bought in the past.

They offer designer quality frames.

I've had my Sims frames for a couple years now and they're holding up great. Also, I love all of their frames and have a hard time choosing. Which means I can't go wrong with whatever I choose.

For each pair sold, Warby Park donates a pair of glasses to someone in need.

I love companies that give back, and that's just what they do.

Warby Parker's home try-on and shipping are completely free.

All we've ever paid for is our actual glasses and taxes. We don't pay shipping or any try-on fees. We go online, choose five pairs, they send them to us, we try them on, then send them back. Even if we decided to not buy a single pair, it's zero cost to try them out--just be sure you send them back!

The "Catch" With Using Warby Parker

The above list sounds amazing, doesn't it?! Are you wondering what's the catch?

For me, there is no catch. But there are a couple details you should know:

You'll need an accurate pupillary distance.

The distance between the middle of your two pupils. It's in millimeters and can be a challenge to get an accurate measurement if you haven't done it before. They have a tool >> here that might help. We also take it a few times manually just to get a good idea of the accurate number.

You need a current prescription.

This may be a no-brainer, but if you're getting prescription lenses, go to an eye doctor for a check-up and get your current prescription. Then have them print it out for you. All you have to do is enter the numbers when you checkout online.

Your glasses might need adjusted.

Whenever I've gotten glasses at other places, there's always someone there ready to adjust them which can be helpful with my uneven ears. Daniel successfully adjusted my last pair, but I recommend getting help if you need it instead of risking breaking your new glasses. If you end up paying for this, Warby Parker may reimburse you.

Not all frames are $95.

Their frame options are growing, with some selling out or available for a limited time. With that, prices vary, though we've found even their pricier frames are still cheaper than the designer ones we used to buy.

Not all frames are available for home try-on.

Some frames, maybe some you really like, aren't available for home try-on. I can love a frame online but hate it on me. So I personally rule out the frames I can't try-on. You do what you need to. They have free shipping on returns, so look into that if necessary.

You'll have to bill insurance yourself.

(If insurance covers part of your glasses) We pay for insurance's part of our glasses with a credit card, use our insurance company's forms to send them receipts immediately, then put that reimbursement back on our credit card. Look into what your insurance will cover and what documentation they need before you buy.

Alright, I think that's enough of the nitty gritty.

Last time, I shared photos of my home try-on and got your feedback in the comments. I've since turned off comments here on the blog. So, feel free to share which are your favorites on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Or just enjoy the following photos as a tiny example of Warby Parker's women's frame selection.

Warby Parker Women's Sunglasses // home try-on

My prescription didn't change this time, so I already have my go-to aviator-style sunglasses. This time I wanted to try out something in the thick rim variety. I'm really liking Winston and Barkley. I love Reilly, but they're a little big for my face.

Paley in Blue Marblewood
Winston in Old Fashioned Fade
Barkley in Antique Shale Fade
Laurel in Tea Rose Fade
Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise

Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses // paley in blue marblewood
Prescription sunglasses can be stylish + affordable!
Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses // barkley in antique shale fade
Warby Parker Home Try-on // free + fun ;)
Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses // reilly in marzipan tortoise

Warby Parker Women's Frames // home try-on

If I needed to update my daily glasses, I'd probably choose Oliver--love them! Since my prescription is the same, I'll still be able to use the Sims in striped sassafras that I have now and look similar. This time, I wanted something a little bolder, a little different to wear when I want something a little more fun. I'm loving Finch, but Winston and Lyle have more fun factor.

Upton in Sea Smoke Tortoise
Finch in Violet Magnolia
Winston in Lunar Fade
Oliver in Striped Olive
Lyle in Hanalei Tortoise

Warby Parker Women's Glasses // upton in sea smoke tortoise
Warby Parker's frames are stylish + affordable
Warby Parker Women's Frames // winston in lunar fade
Warby Parker Prescription Glasses // oliver in striped olive
Prescription glasses can be stylish + affordable!



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