Every Little Breath

Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are by Deidra Riggs
Today, I'm offering a little e-reading for you. Imagine you're sitting in a sweet little book store, the warm smell of coffee filling your senses, as Deidra's welcoming voice reads the following excerpt from her new book Every Little Thing (*aff. link):
When everyone seems to be upping the ante and raising the qualifications for what it means to impact the world in meaningful ways or to live a significant life, we write our story with our breath and we make space on the earth for God. 
Sometimes breathing is the only prayer we can pray, and God hears our sigh and once again breathes the breath of life into us. We exhale, and it seems like such a little thing. But some days it is everything. It is communion--intimate and more than breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. It is sacred and it is holy: this agreeing with God that we need God, for all of everything, and his joyful entering into our lives and ourselves and our very souls to make us one with him. We are gulping and breathing and sighing and gasping, and we realize our deep, deep hunger inside. (pp. 102-103)
Maybe these words stand out because I need more breathing in my life. Not the short breaths that take over when stress wells up in my back and shoulders. The deep and real breaths that happen when I slow and am still enough to know God and be in His presence.

Making a difference in the world is an enticing thing with promise of mission and purpose and holy success.

Except that we often make our real purpose in God secondary. We imagine success something different than Jesus taught it to be, the opposite of smallness. We idolize stories of the Bible turning all of their lifelong stories into one giant of a godly superhero missing their own areas of smallness and surrender and that God really is the beginning, middle, and end.

I've read several "world-changer" type books that inspire me to take action, to embrace my calling in Christ and do something.

I appreciate what Deidra adds to the conversation. A starting place of sorts that's right here where I am or right there where you are. Like middle-aged Moses shepherding in the wilderness before receiving a direct calling by God or Joseph enduring prison before ever seeing his dreams come true or even Jesus living into adulthood before His own short and powerful 3-year ministry.

As Deidra put it, "We either want God or we want significance. ... Our significance actually arrives through the surrendering of significance."

May you realize that God is right there with you and has significance for you with each little breath you take. You can make a difference, and it starts now in this moment.

If you need a companion and some inspiration in that journey, checkout Deidra Riggs' book here >> Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are.


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