5 Love Letter Prompts

Love Letter Prompts + Date Night Conversation Cards
The internet may not be ready for this, but today I'm sharing a love letter to my husband. I wrote it two years ago at the end of our Marriage Encounter weekend. We checked into the hotel on a Friday afternoon, and the letters we shared over those next two days were a huge growth and blessing to our marriage.

Even if you're not much of a writer, writing a letter can be a powerful way to show your love. There are feelings that are easier to put in written word than trying to speak out loud. Putting those words in your handwriting can be a sweet gift to someone you care about that they'll likely cherish for years to come.

Below I share a few prompts to get you started in writing your own love letter, as well as an example from a letter I wrote to my husband. These words mean even more now than they did then. They are also words I feel God speaking through me that I wouldn't know how else to share with you except in this letter.

Hopefully this isn't too awkward. If it is, click away my friend. Otherwise, enjoy.

5 Love Letter Prompts

Following are prompts to get your letter started. I expound on these in a printable journal (pictured above) that you can get when you sign up for my monthly emails. Learn more and sign up >> here. Don't overthink it; write what comes to mind. Use descriptive words and comparisons to help explain your feelings. Tell stories that are special to you and give compliments. Just have fun with it.

1. What I appreciate about you ...

The qualities you appreciate, ways you've felt loved, and why you enjoy spending time together.

2. What I appreciate about us ...

What makes your relationship special, what you're able to do because of your love, and how your relationship impacts others.

3. When we first met ...

Your first impressions, what you remember the most, and how life changed.

4. Where we are now ...

How you've grown, what makes you excited, and what's special about right now.

5. What the future holds ...

Your dreams for the future, what you're looking forward to, and where you see yourself in 5-10 years.


A Love Letter to My Husband

Love Letter Prompts

Dear Daniel,

As I think about our life together so far, 7 years seems like a lot, but there is so much of the journey still ahead. I get excited thinking about all the possibilities before us that are still unknown to us.

We have two beautiful children and soon to be three, that will not be babies forever. I am challenged by the opportunity to raise them together. To dream up new ways to teach them to worship and love and serve and, of course, work hard and pursue dreams in the direction of Heaven. They will continue to grow into their own individuality as they grow in their own relationships and build their own lives mostly independent of us.

As that happens, I anticipate our individuality and independence growing as we journey into an area of adulthood we have yet to experience--that of double income, "no kids." And perhaps with it, a little freedom of time and energy. Where all of our effort is not on helpless babes and surviving. But where we get to pursue others, taking our gifts and our love beyond our tiny growing family.

I imagine the opportunity to pursue careers that better suit our God-given strengths. And opportunities of travel, maybe snowboarding for you and a beach for me, or a yearly family mission trip tradition. I see us helping other families who are where we are now--growing and low income and just hanging on to the faint hope that we won't be here forever.

Even if none of it happens the way I'm dreaming of now, I want to go on living today because my work here is not yet finished. And I'm blessed for every moment I have to love on and serve you and our kids.

Sometimes I feel doubtful or uncertain about that calling. I get overwhelmed by my apparent lack of internal ability to fill this role in this time of our lives.

But each moment I get to grow with you; and each moment I get to see our happy, growing kids; and each moment we get a tiny taste of pursuing our dreams; and each moment we get to experience a piece of living and serving and pursuing God; it's all a little glimpse of God's Kingdom here on earth--right where we are--as I believe it is in Heaven. Joy-filled. Love-filled. Purpose-filled.

And with that piece of Heaven on Earth, we can experience peace even as the waves crash. Focus even as distractions beg for our attention. Hope even as we only have a faint vision of what it is we think we're moving toward.

I love you and our kids and God more and more each day. That is what makes our messy beautiful today and tomorrow worth the living.

Especially as I dream about our futures together, I get gitty with anticipation. Like a little girl that picks a dandelion wedding bouquet from the yard and walks down a grass-filled aisle to her mind-made prince. She is hopeful and innocent. Somehow it's all so real and within reach to her. Reality hasn't disillusioned her with lies. She is free to dream and live today as if that future is real and possible even in this moment.

I don't ever want to lose that ability to dream with you. I don't ever want Satan's lies to taint us with pessimism and being too realistic about the future. I want to proudly pick and hold our tangible dandelions--whether that's learning to use our strengths where we are now or establishing happy and worshipful routines with our kids even as they're young and whiny or getting involved in Sabbath School and church and community in seemingly small and insignificant ways. I want to see us holding these dandelions with pride. With dreams of a future smothered in beautiful fragrance-filled color, with the background of a fancy white (or ivory) dress, and a handsome prince waiting at the end of the aisle as we happily carry this display.

Oops, I'm supposed to be using imagery that resonates with you. Let me try again.

Like a little boy that picks up a stick fully believing it's a sword and that he's got a great act of valor to perform. May our actions today be such that we really believe our sticks are powerful swords as we move in the hands of our Creator. And the more we boldly fight with these sticks of our finances and jobs and family and church and ministry--the more we believe this is so much more than frivolous pretend or a waste of time. And the more we keep fresh those dreams of what our sticks represent--the more I believe God will transform our sticks into swords (or my dandelions into a decadent bouquet). The more we will transform into that warrior and princess bride we always longed to be.

Thinking about that--how the details of our lives today have the potential to become bigger dreams for tomorrow--I get excited not just about our future, but about today! I'm filled with passion as I envision what this feeling of hope and clarity could mean as we return to life.

Like a boy playing out in the yard might look the same to naive onlookers, he knows the truth in his head and his heart--he is a warrior--maybe we'll leave this weekend with that sort of revival. That onlookers might still see the limitations of our circumstances and not much may change in that in this season. But we will be changed where it matters--by the renewing of our hearts and our minds--together on a greater Purpose and with a bigger Dream.

One of my favorite parts of that dream is my warrior. You. From when we first started talking now 8 years ago, I felt rescued. Like you had braved the tower I locked myself in. A tower of independence and cynicism. With walls to keep myself away from really feeling or really connecting or really being seen.

And I don't know why, but you braved it all. You saw me. You broke through my walls and connected with me like no one ever has. When you hugged me in V-beach I felt so safe in your friendship. When we visited my parents, you came to me after I went to bed early and without knowing why I was upset you ran your hand along my cheek soothing over my acne where the scars run deep to my heart and you told me I was beautiful. Not gorgeous like when I curled my hair nice and made an effort. Beautiful. There with tear-filled eyes, splotchy skin, and pajamas. You saw a part of me I couldn't see in myself.

Thank you for rescuing me. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for your sense of fun and adventure.

Let's go!


Try your hand at writing a love letter. It can be short and simple (the one above kind of got away from me). Have fun sharing your love in new ways!


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