Glasses Basics + Benefits

Basics + Benefits of Wearing Prescription Glasses
If you're feeling caught in the bore of needing glasses, I'd love to help you see more of the benefits in it all. I've worn glasses and contacts since I was 12. I liked the look of glasses on other people but never seemed to find a look I loved on me, so I stuck mostly to contact lenses through high school and college.

Over time I learned to find glasses I actually loved wearing, and soon my contacts became more and more neglected to the point it wasn't even worth buying them anymore. Now, I kind of love glasses, and especially our experience with buying from Warby Parker. (*Affiliate links used in this post; see full note below.)

The photos below are from my latest Warby Parker Home Try-on. Instead of just sharing what I love about Warby Parker along with our latest home try-on photos like I've done before, I decided to do a 3-part series on glasses. Today, I'll share the basics and benefits to wearing glasses (below). The next posts will cover How to Choose Your Best Glasses and How to Style + Wear Glasses.

First, some of the worthwhile benefits to wearing glasses full-time over contacts.

9 Perks of Wearing Glasses + Warby Parker Home Try-On (welty, piper, preston, simone)

9 Perks of Prescription Glasses

You may already know some or all of this, but just in case you're new to glasses, or just in case you've forgotten how great they are, here are a few things to know about the perks of wearing glasses.

1. Glasses can reduce waste over contact lenses.

For those that care, buying glasses even every year or two produces less waste than keeping up a constant supply of disposable contact lenses and containers and solutions. Buy a classic frame and you can wear them for years and just update the lenses as needed producing even less waste. Plus, when you're ready for a new style, you can donate your old frames for people in need or even sell them for a little cash.

2. Glasses are fashionable even for non-hipsters.

I know, thick-rimmed glasses are so hipster lately. Truth is, there are so many styles of frames and you don't have to get the most trendy to look chic and put-together in your glasses. I finally found a pair of frames with my favorite colors and I get compliments on them all the time.

3. Glasses are super easy to wear and care for.

Okay, not gonna lie, keeping my lenses clean with a grabby baby on my hip isn't so easy. The ease of everything else, however, is a win. It takes a second to put them on and take them off; a cleaning cloth can be carried around for quick smudge-removing; and there's no eye irritation (my contacts used to bother me semi-frequently). On the grabby baby: It's just a phase, and our baby is getting less grabby, so I'm just now changing out the lenses in my favorite frames to start with a clear slate.

4. Glasses are healthy for your eyes.

I doubt I'm the only one that has gotten lazy with wearing contacts. Either leaving them in too long, sleeping in them, not cleaning my hands before messing with them, not throwing them out often enough... the list goes on. I tried to stay on top of it, but there's always the possibility for getting bad germs in your eye or leaving them in too long and causing serious issues. Glasses leave your eyeball alone and keep the germs out.

5. Glasses can be really affordable.

I wore only Walmart glasses until after college. That was mostly about affordability. Their selection may have gotten better, but back then it wasn't great. When my husband and I started buying glasses together, we both loved the styles of the pricier Oakleys and Ray Bans and Ralph Laurens. We excused it because insurance helped pay for them and they were a daily necessity. Then, we discovered Warby Parker where lenses and frames all together cost $95, and our part after insurance was less than $20. The real perk is that we love the selection of frames making it a real win-win.

6. Prescription sunglasses are awesome.

There was a time when I'd opt to wear contacts simply because I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses. Then, I discovered prescription sunglasses. That was a game-changer. Not only could I wear glasses more often even in the summer, I had a really good excuse to buy nicer, more fashionable, better quality sunglasses rather than my previous steady diet of dollar store finds. Extra bonus: Insurance helped pay for them.

7. Stars wear glasses, too.

This sounds like something from a kids' book trying to convince a middle-schooler that being called "four eyes" actually means you're cool. Still, there's something about knowing my favorite style icon wears glasses that makes it that much better. Search in Google images "stars who wear glasses" and you'll find all kinds of examples of the rich and famous sporting spectacles. My personal style favorites are Jennifer Aniston and Rashida Jones. And from the men, my style favorites are Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds.

8. Glasses can be worn while exercising.

When I first got glasses my main concern was movement. Not that I'm all that athletic, but at the time playing basketball during recess was pretty important to me. For years I relied on contacts when I was going to be at all athletic, and then I found that wasn't entirely necessary. At least not for the ways I get athletic. I wear them even while exercising, no contacts necessary.

9. Glasses are made to fit.

Choosing a good frame isn't about just grabbing whatever is most popular. Finding glasses that look good on you includes your face size and shape, hair color, dominant features, the types of clothes you normally wear, or when and where you usually wear your glasses. It seems like a lot to consider, but glasses come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors to fit you and that makes them even more perfect.

See? Wearing glasses has all kinds of benefits. But you already knew that, right? More to come on choosing and wearing glasses.

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