How to Wear Glasses

Ideas for Wearing + Styling Glasses
Glasses don't just have to be what you wear in the evenings to give your eyes a break from contacts. Glasses can be a fun accessory, they can be dressed up, they can be worn while exercising, and so much more. Keep reading for ideas to make the most of your glasses-wearing experience.

This is a final wrap-up to the previous posts Glasses Basics + Benefits and How to Choose Glasses. The photos in this series are from our latest home try-ons from Warby Parker. (Affiliate links used; see full note below.)

Ideas on Wearing Glasses for All Occasions

Glasses aren't just for a casual evening at home or an educated look at the office. Get the most out of your glasses with the following tips.

1. Accessorizing with Glasses

The main thing to remember with adding accessories while wearing glasses is that glasses are an accessory, too. The look is pulled together with less accessories. Choose one simple necklace and basic studs, or choose dangly gold leaf earrings with no necklace, or skip the neck/ear jewelry and go for a statement bracelet or tucked in shirt with a colored belt to balance the look from your head to your torso. Try to avoid the patterns or colors from your frames competing with the look of your other accessories. Alternately, it also looks best if they don't perfectly match.

2. Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Makeup with daily glasses wearing should be simple and natural. I do a simple daily 5-minute face routine. The glasses already draw attention to your eyes, so stay basic with your eye color and focus on brightening the eyes with concealer and light eye shadow since the frames might add extra shadows. If you want to do up your look, opt for a lip color to balance the weight of the frames.

3.Choosing Outfits for Glasses

Styling your outfit with your glasses depends on what's normally in your wardrobe. In the previous post I mentioned choosing glasses with color or pizazz helps flare up a simple wardrobe, while a basic tortoise or more classic frame looks classy with everything. A pair of both helps cover all bases for all occasions. Most of my wardrobe is more neutral, so I opted for glasses with some color in them which helps spruce up otherwise monotone outfits. I also have a pair of neutral, classic frames for the times I wear my red pants or shirts with color.

4. Wearing Sunglasses with Ease

Prescription sunglasses are a sunny staple. To switch between regular glasses and sunglasses with ease, I keep one case on hand to hold the pair I'm not wearing. Most of the time, this case stays in the car where I make the switch most often. If I'm headed to the park or another sunny location where I'll keep wearing the glasses, I throw the case in my bag. Our glasses come with a cinch bag for the glasses and a hard case. If the glasses will be going in my bag, I usually opt for the hard case.

5. Exercising with Glasses

When I used to wear contacts more regularly, I'd just plan on wearing them specifically for exercise, too. I eventually found the ways I get athletic don't necessarily require me to wear contacts. Getting the glasses fitted to wrap behind the ear prevents slipping when moving or getting sweaty. If I'm in a class like stationery cycling, I might just opt to set my glasses safely somewhere and not wear them at all. Also, a sturdy thin headband can be a handy place to tuck the ends of glasses helping hold them secure.

6. Dressing Up with Glasses

I wear glasses even for dressy occasions. The key for keeping glasses classy when getting gussied up, is to choose classy earrings, perhaps diamond flower studs; a simpler nice outfit meshes better with glasses; well-kept hair softy pulled back on the sides or swept back into a low bun, and a bold lip will help pull the look together and look more intentional.


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