Reader Survey 2016

Reader Survey 2016 | @TrinaRCress

Thank you for reading! Whether you do that here on the blog, through my monthly emails, or somewhere on social media, I appreciate you taking the time to read. You make the time and effort of putting these words together worthwhile.

And I want to be sure it's worth your while to keep reading and following along. So, would you please complete this year's Reader Survey? It's just 8 questions on one page.

As I reevaluate how I spend my time online after last month's absence, I realize it's time to look again at who I'm writing to and what I'm sharing. And making sure it keeps being worth both our whiles.

Complete the little 1-page / 8-question survey >> here.

I look forward to keep writing to you and encouraging you in "all the places" in the weeks and months ahead!

Thank you!


Update: Survey Results

The survey linked above is still available if you haven't completed it yet. Below are the results so far.

1-2. Where you hear from me and prefer to hear from me...
Email, Facebook, Instagram, and this blog--in that order. Those are my favorites too, so keep tuning into those.

3. Topics you most enjoy seeing from me...
Simplicity and faith are by far the top answers. Next, are personal updates and passion/calling with the others following closely behind. Also my favs, so I'll keep writing where the inspiration leads.

4. Want more of from me...
Some answers include pictures, audio, blog posts, videos, personal updates, emails, and help with time management, decluttering, or faith topics. You got it!

5. Want less of...
"Nothing" was the top answer. Thanks friends :)

6. Age range of readers...
30s and 50+ are the majority. Good to know, and of course all ages are welcome!

7. Family descriptions...
Some form of married and/or with kids is definitely the majority. In that mix are some with grandkids, grown kids, caring for elderly parents, blended families, etc. If you're single or kid-less, you're welcome here, too! But knowing this, I'll likely feel a little less guilty when I write marriage/family-related content.

8. Name one area you most need encouragement...
Simplifying, career, faith, self-worth, comparisons, calling, mothering, habits, health, focus, time management, and grace are just some of the repeated answers. First, you are not alone. Most answers were written by at least one other person. And this is such a great list of posts and updates I hope to share on in the coming months.

Thank you so much for the feedback! And if you haven't completed my 2016 Reader Survey, you can still do so >> here.