30 Hopes + Dreams for the Next 30 Years

Celebrating three-oh with thirty goals, hopes, and dreams for the next 30-years

I turn 30 today. Woo hoo! I know where I've come from, which I shared yesterday, and I know where I'm headed next, which I'm sharing today. In addition to what I already wrote about birthdays being like a personalized New Year, there's also the whole celebrating life thing. Birthdays are a reminder and an invitation to live it abundantly.

And that's just what I plan to do--live life abundantly. I've learned to not put an expiration date on making that happen. So, here are some goals, hopes, and dreams I look forward to in the next thirty years and beyond.

1. Write and share my story.

2. Be there for my kids.

3. Celebrate 20, 30, and 40 years with my husband. And go on a 2nd honeymoon.

4. Visit more of the U.S.

5. Start a small group.

6. Run a race.

7. Speak somewhere meaningful.

8. Start a conference or retreat.

9. Do work that matters (and get paid for it).

10. Get my kids through school.

11. Go on family vacations.

12. Renew my passport, and use it.

13. See my mastermind girls do great things.

14. Open our home to others.

15. Buy a home.

16. Get 100% debt-free.

17. Give away half our income.

18. Traditionally publish a book.

19. See my kids do great things.

20. Spend time with my grandkids.

21. Mentor others.

22. Start a new hobby. Or a few.

23. Grow something.

24. Take a class--dancing or cooking or painting.

25. Spend time with friends and visit places with them and see them through hard and exciting milestones.

26. Teach a class.

27. Love well. God, my family, friends, and people I don't know.

28. Laugh often. And cry. I want all the feels in the next thirty years.

29. Do something I can't even think of now because it hasn't been invented yet.

30. See Jesus return!

Jesus' return is what it all really comes down to. Sure, I dream of doing the other things because here on this earth that's the good stuff--the Kingdom growing in my life. It's all really just pointing to the fullest life which is forever with Jesus. So if He comes before any of the above happens? Perfect! I've been waiting! And, if not, I'm going to live life to the fullest knowing out of the fullness flows a testimony of Jesus' faith, hope, and love.

What are your goals, hopes, and dreams for the next 30 years?


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