30 List Love Ideas

30 List Love Ideas for Your Blog, Journal, or Birthday

I'm just about to the end of this 31-day series celebrating my 30th birthday. Truth is, I had enough ideas to keep going another thirty days. So, instead, I'm going to share some of those ideas with you. You can use these as blog post ideas, or inspiration for what to write about in your journal, or lists for intentionally celebrating your own milestone birthday.

1. Minutes

I intended to do a video of Facebook live for 30 minutes--just being present, talking about what's inspiring me, and answering questions. I didn't have time and was actually scared of that idea.

2. People

The idea was to list people that I love with a memory or what I cherish about them. Every time I've seen someone pass away, I see love poured out for them, which is necessary and beautiful. But it always makes me wonder if I'm pouring out love for the people in my life... do they know it? Anything I say after they're gone should just be restating to the world what I've already told them personally while they were here.

3. Teachers

I've had many teachers over the years and they've all taught me different things. Some of the biggest lessons were from the teachers themselves and not necessarily a textbook. I wanted to collect these lessons from these special people that have poured wisdom into my life.

4. Regrets or Challenges

Especially challenges that were overcome. A sort of celebration for where I've been and the rocks that have refined me. Sure, we're not supposed to have regrets, but we all do. I wanted to pinpoint some of mine so I can really learn from them and really let go.

5. Inner Voices

This idea came from a friend, and I love it. We all have inner voices that tell us things, and I wanted to explore me and write truth in response.

6. Videos

The funny, the moving, the musical.

7. Things

Mainly, things I don't need. I made a list of things I want during the series (my birthday wish list for my husband on Day 3), and I thought it'd be helpful to list things I don't need just to help keep perspective. Instead, I left it with the post Things I Need That Aren't Things (Day 4).

8. Lessons

There were so many categories of lessons that I could have listed and written on. Lessons on faith and God, or lessons I learned the hard way, or lessons on life, or lessons I'm still learning. I left it with the post What I've Learned in My First 30 Years (Day 17).

9. Do Before...

I've been hearing about the "30 things to do before turning 30" list for a while. Everyone gets to make their own personal list. It can be done for any age. Now that I'm 30, mine is more of an endless bucket list. It doesn't matter what age I do things, as long as throughout life I'm actually experiencing and doing.

10. Messages for Younger Me

This is self-explanatory. What would you say to your younger self at different ages? Or what did younger you need to hear? It's possible older/current you needs those same messages.

11. Celebrations

It started as ways to celebrate a birthday, then morphed into memories of birthdays and celebrations from the past. Now, it's not even a post.

12. Hacks

My idea was IKEA hacks, because I love IKEA. It could be any hacks, though.

13. Pieces of Advice

It could be funny or not helpful advice, or honest advice that's helped throughout life.

14. Do or See Locally

I've wanted to do a post on what to do and see around our town. Then, when I start thinking more about it, we don't do or see the really cool things, so I need to do and see a little more before I write that post. Maybe instead I should do it bucket-list style: Things I want to do and see around our town.

15. Truths or Mantras

This was going to be a helpful list to refer to for an extra dose of truth. A meditation tool. This series already had a lot of lists, so I instead opted for yesterday's post 30-Second Anytime Break (Day 29).

16. Questions

Questions are always helpful to list out. They can be used for a guided conversation with friends or in a small group. They can be used to help keep conversation interesting on date night. They can be used in place of small talk.

17. Photos

I was going to list photos that I wanted to take and preserve. The list could also be photos already taken compiled into a mini-album.

18. Pep Talk

A pep talk for a set number of minutes, seconds, words, or lines. A powerful resource for when you need a dose of empowerment.

19. Pages

I was going to make a 30-page document--a mini-ebook or journal--for my readers. That will have to come when I'm not writing new blog posts everyday. This could also be used for creating a mini-scrapbook or photo album.

20. Funnies

It's too bad this post didn't happen, because it would have been fun. A collection of funny stuff online--Memes, videos, comic strips, etc. The perfect thing to have when you need a laugh.

21. Movie Quotes

This is one that would have been fun to write, but got pushed out by posts that meant more to me. fun fact: My most quoted movies include Pretty Woman, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Save the Last Dance.

22. Relationships

This post was going to be the relationships to have, end, or mend throughout life. Frankly, it was going to take too much thinking. Would still be a good topic to explore.

23. Dollars

Items that cost a certain amount of dollars, or how a certain amount of money could be spent. Really, I didn't have a specific idea with this. I just figured dollars were countable so I could tie it in to 30 somehow.

24. Activities

My idea was non-toy kid activities, but that's just not something I care to cover on my blog. It could be family activities or activities for when you invite friends over or holiday activities. It's just helpful to have a list of activities.

25. Good and True

Another idea I loved but just didn't get a chance to dive into. Listing the things that are good and true about yourself that you need to remember. Even better would be the things Good and True about God, which is a good reminder that we're made in His image. I'm going to have to write that list in my journal.

26. Mid-life Crisis

Take your current age, divide it by half, and consider the lessons you learned during your current mid-life crisis. My current mid-life would have been 15 which is when I had my first heartbreak and left high school to go to Mongolia. A lot of life lessons and changes came out of that mid-life crisis. And interesting to think that I'm currently making changes and learning lessons that will be my mid-life's crisis when I'm 60.

27. Unimportant Memories

Maybe there's a better word than "unimportant." The idea is that there are lots of memories that don't necessarily make a great story, but still make up who we are. Like the rows of peonies that grew in our backyard or running barefoot in the soft dirt by a peach orchard or looking at the stars in our town's cemetery.

28. Adventures

The adventures of travel or of life that tell our life's story like a hero's journey.

29. Favorite Things

No list is complete without a favorite things. I thought of sharing either products I've used and loved, or the non-things that are my favorite like a sunny day or the sound of the ocean. Yep, that one is also going to be put in my journal.

30. Lists!

Start it all with a list of things you could list. Then, whichever pop out to you, use as a blog post, a journal prompt, or a birthday celebration.

Happy listing!


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