31 Days of Celebrating Three-Oh

a 31-day blog series celebrating 30

I turn the big Three-Oh this month... in two weeks to be exact. I normally love my birthday, but even more so this year. 30 is kind of a big number (as in, I have a child that can't even count that high), so I'll be celebrating all month long!

Of course, I'll celebrate with the usual birthday club freebies (you should sign up if you haven't yet). I'll also be spending a little time reflecting on the last 30 years with posts that revolve around the number thirty.

Expect a lot of 30s lists. But there might also be the occasional 30-word post or 30-minute something or another. We'll see how creative--or lazy--I get.

This is post #1 of 31. The other 30 posts will be linked here as they're available. ↓

Day 2: 30 Books that Changed My Faith + Life

Day 3: 30 Gift Ideas for Thirty and Beyond

Day 4: 30 Things I Need (that aren't things)

Day 5: My 30-Word Manifesto

Day 6: 30 Journal Prompts to Embrace Your Story

Day 7: My 30th Birthday Mixi

Day 8: 30 Ways to Slow + Rest

Day 9: 30-Minute No-Recipe Meals

Day 10: 30 Travel Destinations

Day 11: 30 Introvert Tips

Day 12: 30 Lines of Poetry

Day 13: 30 Milestones from 30 Years

Day 14: 30 Hopes + Dreams for the Next 30 Years

Day 15: 30 Moments I Knew My Husband was "The One"

Day 16: 30 Survival Supplies for an Emergency Bag

Day 17: What I've Learned in My First 30 Years

Day 18: 30-Piece Wardrobe

Day 19: 30 Minutes to Not Waste Your Vote

Day 20: 30 Girls Night Ideas

Day 21: 30 of My Top Blog Posts

Day 22: 30 Quotes for Your Journey

Day 23: 30 Simplifying Tips

Day 24: 30 Date Night Ideas

Day 25: 30-Day Checklist (a printable)

Day 26: 30 Blogging Tips

Day 27: Links to My Favorite Places Online

Day 28: 30 Prayer Stories

Day 29: 30-Second Anytime Break

Day 30: 30 List Love Ideas

Day 31: 30 Pieces of My Story


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