Links to My Favorite Places Online

Links to some of the places, people, videos, and more that keep me coming back online.

This is a little roundup of the love side of my love-hate relationship with technology. The internet is ever-changing, so technically this list would be ever-changing and very long. I tried pulling together a sampling of some new finds, some old favorites, and little rhyme or reason otherwise. This is some of what keeps me coming back and even finding value in being online. Enjoy!


I sign up for email lists often, then I eventually unsubscribe to anything that I don't actually read or find value added to my inbox. Some I've loved but had to unsubscribe simply because I was getting far too many emails to be worthwhile. These are the few that have had staying power in my inbox.

The Useletter by Amy Lynn Andrews: This is for creatives, writers, business people--any that makes it their job to be online. She sends weekly emails with easy-to-scan lists of helpful tips and tricks from around the web. This is the main email that I am always sure to open and at least scan before deleting.

No Filter by Jess Connolly: Jess is listed a couple more times in this list. I love what she writes and what she shares. She's intentional and thoughtful, and boldly shares about Jesus, His endless love, and freedom in Him.

Birthday Clubs: My favorite birthday clubs always have a welcome spot in my inbox. Some of them also send me notifications of discounts and promotions year-round. Worth it.


I love podcasts but don't always find the time to listen. They are great to listen to while I fold laundry or work in the kitchen. Usually it bores the kids enough that they go play so I can listen and do housework in peace.

Momentum Podcast: This is a relatively new one by my friend Merritt. She's doing an incredible job--each episode is so inspiring.

Hope*Writers: I'm a writer and I love The Nester and Emily, so this is kind of a no-brainer for me.

The Inspired to Action Podcast: This podcast is full of applicable info and encouragement for moms.

Influence Network Podcast: I used to be a monthly member and took regularly classes from them. Such good content! Now, I'm thankful to still be able to listen to their podcasts. Such encouragement in being Jesus-focused and using our voices for His message of love.


I don't watch many videos unless I know what I'm getting myself into. These are the videos I find myself going back to again and again.

Shut Up and Dance: I love to dance, and this movie clip dance mashup with this sing is a perfect match.

Jessica's Daily Affirmation: This is an old favorite and pep talk I tell myself often. My whole life is great!

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Especially his lip sync battles. We don't have watch a whole episode, but they always add the Thank You notes, Hashtags, games, and lip sync battles as separate clips making it easy to keep up with the best stuff.

Thrive Moms Retreats: I have watched every one of their Fall and Spring retreats. Such an encouraging place for moms on the internet. I've also planned a local gathering which was the best to watch and be encouraged with other moms.

IF: Gathering: I've also watched each of their live-streamed conferences. They are so powerful and inspiring. Even if I can get through it all, I usually leave the videos so refreshed and empowered.


These are the places I go for fun, sometimes free, printables. I have a few frames I like rotating artwork in. I love a good printable!

Danielle Burkleo: She designs beautiful things, and offers lots of beautiful prints in this free archive. I've printed some for the kids rooms or my desk space. Or simply Pin them to an inspiration board or save them on your desktop.

Amen Paper Company: Seriously beautiful scripture for the home. Especially as larger prints, these are just gorgeous.

We Lived Happily Ever After: She has beautiful designs, and this free archive includes prints, fonts, and other fun freebies for personal use. I love her gold-foil stuff.


There are a few people that I follow in "all the places" just because I like seeing what they add to the online conversation. Some I have the privilege of knowing personally, and others just add so much good necessary Truth to the e-world and the world in general.

My Mastermind Girls: AlysaMerritt, and Michaela. I love what they're doing online and love that I get to meet with them regularly to grow and dream together.

Local Bloggers: Deidra, Michelle, Amy, Amber, Latrice, Lelia, and many more. Love that we have such a

Jen Hatmaker: She shares boldly and lovingly on hot topic issues through Facebook... especially areas that need love more boldly.

Glennon Doyle Melton: She also shares boldly and lovingly on hot topic issues through Instagram.

Jess Connolly: Again, boldness and love on Instagram. A beautiful duo.


These are the social media happy places I return to again and again online.

Instagram: It's my favorite. Sometimes, when the internet gets too loud and crazy, I go to Instagram because it's my calm, peaceful, loving happy place. I only follow people that add calm, peace, and love to even the hardest conversations; and I aim to do that myself.

Pinterest: I don't scroll through Pinterest like I used to back when it was still new. It's another place I go online when I need some calm, peace, and love. Except it's usually in the form of simple fashion and home inspiration. Sometimes that's just the break that I need.

Twitter: This is where I go for live updates. It's my entertainment when I'm watching a live show on TV... I follow a few people that regularly live tweet. It's also the only place that someone like Jewel would interact with me, which I love.

Where is your happy place online?


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