The Benefits and How-to of Collage Cards

Making a collage is an easy way to get inspired, gain clarity, find creativity, and refocus. It can help deepen faith, add a new dimension to personal growth, and pinpoint personal preferences for style and home decorating. It's how I found my style to wear what I love, decorate my home, and even discover basic branding for my blog.

Making collages is also a fun activity to do in a group, either as a girls night in your own home, or in a larger community like at a church or women's retreat. Just choose a theme, collage away while you chat and connect, then share some reflection time together at the end.

Keep reading for how to get started including the benefits of making collages, ideas for collage themes, and reflection questions for when you're done. Get it all in the Pinnable/printable image at the bottom of the post.


Why make a collage...

Gives something to do in the silence.
I've been trying to make more time and space for quiet. Especially leaving social media alone in the evenings and each Sabbath. Reading and getting outside are great things to fill those times, and so is making a collage. It gives something to do with your hands and direct your thoughts in a positive, more productive direction.

Teaches how to be observant.
As you pay attention to images or text that makes you pause, it teaches your heart and mind to pay more attention in other areas of your life, including hearing God and seeing Him show up.

Shows what’s inside, namely God’s image.
We are made in God's image, and any good that shows up in us is from Him. It's worth paying attention to.

Helps uncover hidden creativity.
I spent years saying that I'm just not creative. Now, after lots of practice and paying attention, I'm starting to believe we are all creative because we were created in God's Creator image. How our creativity plays out may vary, but creating collages is a very simple way to uncover some of that creativity.

Visually expresses thoughts, feelings, ideas in ways words can’t.
It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's exactly what happens when you put together a collage. Suddenly something is expressed or noticed that might have remained unnamed.

Helps solve a problem.
Whether you're trying to decide how to decorate a space in your home or wondering what to do next in your life, the simple act of creating collages can help work out those problems and find solutions.

Use for inspiration.
A collage can serve as a sort of goal board of sorts to keep you focused on some end result you're working toward. It can be displayed somewhere for inspiration to motivate you. You can use it to reflect and journal, then collect in small album or box as you make more collages in the future. Or refer to it as you refine your wardrobe or decorate a space in your home.

How to make a magazine / paper collage card. It's perfect for personal growth, uncover creativity, discover personal style/brand, and even connection in a small group.

How to start a collage...

Gather supplies.
Scissors, stick glue, 5x7 cardstock (or other similar size), and magazines, cards, catalogs, old calendars, or whatever other type of images you can cut out.

Choose a theme.
See ideas of what to collage about below.

Collect first, reflect last.
Cut out whatever makes you pause or fits in with your theme, even if it might not end up in your final collage. Start to piece them together until it works for you. There's no right or wrong way. You don't have to fully understand why a particular image or text speaks to you, just the fact that it does is worth having it in your collage. When you're collage is done, spend a little time reflecting on it. See questions for that below.

What to collage about...

Spiritual Life—prayer, God, devotional time, faith, Bible text

Identity—passions, values, challenges, seasons of life, work, youth

Relationships—spouse, friends, family, motherhood, church

Future—life goals, career, things to save up for, when age 83

Inspiration—styles, colors, products, patterns, combinations


What made you pause for each image?
What does the card say about you or about how God created you?
Is there some message or clarity you get from your collage card?
Does anything about your collage surprise you?
What is the overall feel of your collage card? Is there a common theme or any particular elements that stick out to you?

Have fun with it!

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How to Collage: Benefits of making a collage, how to get started, themes to collage about, and reflection questions for when you're done.


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