The Yes Effect: An Unofficial Book Guide

The Yes Effect: An Unofficial Book Guide printable with quotes + questions to engage the main concepts in the book by yourself or with a small group.

My favorite books--the ones that affect me and change me and pull me closer to the heart of God--are books like The Yes Effect by Luis Bush with Darcy Wiley. The stories and ideas are both powerful and practical. They inspire God possibilities for everyday people like me.

This is a blog of yes. From my first post: Journey of Yes. To the start of the Epic Beginner blog series: Say Yes. So I knew from the moment I heard about it that I wanted to read and share this book my friend Darcy Wiley helped write.

Our yeses matter. It especially matters that we spend our yeses on the best in life--Jesus, people, and putting love in action for both. And that's just the sort of yes this book inspires.

Books like this just beg to be discussed with a small group, journaled through on your own, or a combination of the two. The Yes Effect (aff. link; see full note below*) is not just a book of good stories, it's a book to spur action--a change of heart that effects a change of life.

Thankfully, Luis and Darcy concluded each chapter with thoughtful questions to do just that. Invite a few friends to go through the book with you, or pull out a notebook to reflect on the content and action ideas yourself. I compiled a few quotes and corresponding questions below to get you started.

Quotes + Questions from The Yes Effect

Following are some of my favorite quotes and corresponding questions from The Yes Effect by Luis Bush with Darcy Wiley. Use these as you go through the book yourself or to go through the concepts from the book with a small group. (Find this list in printable form below.)

The bold headlines are chapters from the book; quotes used with permission, see copyright information below.

1. Follow Your Leaders

"Listen for God's invitation to join His transforming work in the world around you. And be ready to say yes." (p. 38)

Who impacted you with the Gospel? Whose words or ministry influences or inspires you?

2. Open Your Heart

Resist "flitting from one thing to another and becoming desensitized to the most dire needs around us." (p. 55)

What one outside need brought a strong response in you recently? Write or sketch what captures your heart for that situation.

3. Fix Your Eyes

"Imagine if we became more overwhelmed by the presence of God than by the worries of the world." (p. 78)

Carve out a few minutes to pray about the needs that burden you. What is God bringing to your mind or pressing into your heart?

4. Move Your Feet

"Your response to God's daily invitations will determine how much of His renewing work in the world you will get to see. ... it's your turn to do something, to get on your feet and see what happens." (p. 101)

Where is God inviting you today?

5. Find Your People

"We do our part, other people do theirs, and God causes the increase." (p. 121)

List the gifts, skills, and resources God gave you. Meet with someone already connected to the situation on your heart to discuss the needs and your possible contribution.

6. Stand Your Ground

"If we focus on the joy set before us, our faith and work will be more informed by the good ahead than the gloom here and now." (p. 141)

What resistance, internal or external, are you facing in your effort to help others?

7. Celebrate Your Chain Reaction

God "gives us an invitation to look back on what He has accomplished in and around us" to renew our vigor. (p. 164)

Have you experienced Jesus personally? Has he moved you to act in faith or share your faith?

8. Lead Your Followers

We have the privilege of walking alongside young people, "helping them grow in the Lord and say yes" to their own invitations. (p. 188)

What youth has God placed in your care or influence? How might you intentionally mentor them?

For more of The Yes Effect:

What yes is God leading you to or reaffirming in you?

Quotations taken from The Yes Effect: Accepting God's Invitation to Transform the World Around You by Luis Bush with Darcy Wiley. ©2017 by Luis Bush. Published by Moody Publishers. Used by permission.


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