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Love at First Home Try-On -- How to order glasses online from Warby Parker with confidence.

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Trying glasses on in your own homefor freemight sound too good to be true. I assure you it's not. Finding my prescription glasses and sunglasses was love at first Try-On. I've mentioned I get comments from strangers complimenting my glasses or asking me where I got them... here's the low-down.

This is specifically about our favorite glasses company's free Home Try-On. If you want to see all the reasons we love Warby Parker (glasses starting at $95 for frames and lenses, they donate glasses for each pair sold, and their free Home Try-On) then see my page >> Sharing My Love for Glasses.

Order Glasses Online with Confidence
(Do a Home Try-On)

Like most online glasses boutiques, Warby Parker has a virtual try-on, where you can upload a photo of yourself to see the frames added to the photo. But the real perk is Warby Parker's free Home Try-On, where they'll send you 5 frames to try on at home for 5 days. Seriously, no strings attached. You send them back and don't pay a thing until/unless you decide to purchase your favorite pair.

Here's how it works...

1. Order your Home Try-On.

Choose 5 frames (glasses and/or sunglasses) from and add them to your Home Try-On "order." If you can't find five you want to try on, they'll auto-fill the box with others you might like.You enter credit card information as a back up in case you never return the frames. They put a charge of a dollar to ensure there are funds in the account, then that charge disappears after a couple days.

2. Try the glasses on.

We usually receive our Home Try-On within a few days from "ordering" it. You have five days to try on the glasses. Share pictures on Facebook or Instagram if you want input from family and friends. I like looking at the frames in the mirrors I already use on a daily basis and maybe even with a couple different of my go-to outfits. It helps me feel more sure that I'm choosing frames that really fit my style.

3. Send the glasses back.

When you're done trying on the glasses, or by the fifth day of the Try-On, the glasses need to be sent back. The instructions are clearly printed in the box. The glasses get put back in the same box they came in, and the enclosed shipping label is put over the box, then drop it in the mailbox. Easy Peasy.

4. Order another Try-On or purchase your top pick(s).

At any point in the Try-On process, I can choose a pair (or two ;) to order and get filled with my prescription. Or I could order another round of 5 frames to try on if I didn't find any I liked in the first round. And if I decided I didn't like any or didn't want to order at this time, the whole process still wouldn't cost me anything.

A few things to keep in mind when it's ordering time: You need a copy of your prescription updated within the last year (you have to send it after you order). You'll need an accurate pupillary distance. And if insurance will cover a portion of the cost, get those forms from your insurance provider so that you can submit and get your reimbursement as soon as possible. You can read more about this all >> here.

Tips for Finding Your Best Pair:

+ Branch out to try on something you wouldn't normally choose.
Be sure your Try-On includes a good mix of shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes. This will help you narrow in on what you're really looking for. You can do another Home Try-On if you want to compare frames within your preferred shape, color, size.

+ If budget will allow it, consider looking for a statement pair and a basic pair.
My most complimented glasses are my round green tort, but I also like having my basic whiskey tort that don't distract if I'm wearing colors or patterns in my outfit. One pair is also bigger/looser that feels more comfortable if I have a headache (a fact of my life). And I wear glasses every single day, so it's worth having two pairs to rotate or to fill in if something happened to one of the pairs. (I do the same with my sunglasses--which came in handy when I lost a pair on vacation.)

+ Know who's opinion to ask for/listen to.
I usually need confidence to get the more trendy pair, because it's what I love. So even if I post pictures and get other's opinions, I mainly listen to the people I trust who are encouraging me to get the fun pair.

+ Measure your current glasses.
If you already have a pair that's a size you love, then measure the lens, bridge, and temple arm to compare the numbers with the frames on Warby Parker's website. You'll find these numbers on the glasses product page under "measurements" with numbers in millimeters representing Lens Width - Bridge Width - Temple Arm Length. Glasses can look bigger or smaller in photos, so this will help you get a more accurate idea of what you're looking for.

Finding glasses you love doesn't have to be overwhelming or intimidating. The pressure of choosing glasses at a store with sales associates who don't know me giving their opinions used to stress me out. (Do I sound like a total introvert? Because I am.) Now, I not only like the selection, price, and customer service better, I actually love my glasses.

Order a free Home Try-On from Warby Parker and see for yourself.

And when in doubt, get the statement glasses ;)


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