Another sister and newfound peace

Tomorrow is my last day at this place... last day of work; last day of river; last day of adventure before returning to Nebraska. And that's not to say that my summer adventure is contained in this place alone.

My summer adventure began in Nebraska (where else? people go back to where they started, right?). It included quitting a job I'd only talked about quitting for over a year and did something I haven't done since before highschool: I was jobless for over a month. (That was an adventure for me!) It included supporting friends as they pursue their next big adventures of marriage and life on their own. It included my first long roadtrip by myself. (Don't drive late at night through Colorado highways--there's no place to stop!) It included climbing and hiking in Moab with my brother and learning so many lessons in 1 day and 2 nights that I could fill a book, and perhaps one day I will. (Don't shut your keys in the trunk when your car is locked--especially not after midnight--the alarm goes off and campers, for some odd reason, don't like that.) It included finally meeting my roommate's mountains from her back porch. (What's important to your close friends seems to always become important to you.) It included a trip through the south, just me and my dad, stopping for fireworks on a lake in Arkansas. It included fireworks and climbing with good friends in Tennessee and refinding contentment in a place I once called home. It included helping with my brother's wedding on Virginia Beach and realizing the importance and pleasure of family and close friends and growing the numbers whenever possible!

My summer adventure included learning to fly alone and start a new experience and following God on a whim. In addition to memories and great pictures, what did I take from it all?? Lessons that deepen my understanding and my love for a God that I long to know better. A shot of energy that will spark an adventurous spirit for the school year. But the best? Another sister and newfound peace. It's the people in life that are important and finding new ones to add to the big picture. And renewing the peace from God so that the relationships that have already been in the picture will not be harmed. Peace and people to share it with... I went through this adventure to realize that what I was looking for, I had all along.