My World of Contentment

Contentment. To Merriam Webster it's "n : Ease of mind : SATISFACTION." To me, it's so much more. It's the priviledge of peaking over at the grass on the other side and realizing that my grass is actually greener. It's loving where I am, who I am, and the company I'm with. It's this moment right now, when I glance at my surprisingly unorganized room and my list of things to do but all I can manage is to sit in overwhelming relief that I'm no longer chasing the wind. What about the desire to go new places and to find "away"? What of the journey of becoming so much more than the girl that I am? And is this company I've found myself in all that I'll ever have? The conclusion of the whole matter? I side with Solomon's input--LoVe and ReSpEcT for God is my all. And there in-lies MY WORLD of CONTENTMENT--if God is my everything, could there possibly be more? Nope. Everything else is just a bonus for learning to be at ease with (and even cherish?!) the middle of nowhere, myself as a complicated girl, and schmo days. By loving and accepting every bit of my present, I rest assured (content, EaSe-minded, and satisfied) that the One who gave it to me already has planned for so much more.