Registered and ready with ridiculous restrictions

We registered, finally! At Target. (I love that store!) But there's still lots of wedding details to be determined.

I've been told many times over by many different people throughout my life that when planning a wedding, you'll "just know" when you find the right dress, the right locations, etc. Even though I LOVE the dress I chose, I didn't "just know" per se, because all I got to try on was an amethyst-colored size 10--it didn't really "feel" like the perfect wedding dress, especially when I'm needing an ivory-colored size 4.

So, I wanted to at least "feel right" about the locations, and finally did!! A good friend of mine got married there last year. It's a courtyard outside of a church with a perfect stone "isle way," beautiful green lawn, cool architectured building, and reception hall a few steps to the right of it all. I showed Daniel just for the fun of it and he loved it--we both knew we needed to have our wedding there.

Until... [insert dramatic music here] we realized the ridiculousness of the church's requirements. Can a church really get to say whether you can take video and/or photography during the ceremony? Can a church really not allow the couple to dismiss the congregation row-by-row, but "offer the opportunity" to form a receiving line at the back of the church/courtyard? And, of course, at the end of all the restrictions for having a wedding at that perfect location they talk about how they want this wedding to be unique and perfect for the bride and groom. Fine, then let me take pictures during the ceremony, choose my own music and wedding coordinators, and greet my friends and family row-by-row!

So, we're at square one. We'll find something. We have to... by this week-end. Invitations need to be made and further details need to be determined. Who knows, maybe we'll give in to restrictions in order to have our perfect place. Or maybe God will lead us to someplace more better and more perfectly "us."

At least we're registered.