Thanks to the Dick Building

We watched fireworks from the top of the Dick building--which once was, or may still be, one of the tallest points in Lincoln. It looked like a war-zone. If I were a foreigner, new to the concept of fourth of July or fireworks, my head would seriously have been ducked under my arms, me scrambling for some sort of safety.

Some fireworks shot up through the trees near us, confirming that Union's neighbors were in Independence Day mode. Showers of explosions appeared slightly smaller with a little more distance, booms echoing that ALL of Lincoln knew how to celebrate. Hundreds of flashes simultaneously cluttered the horizon, signifying surrounding towns were in on it too.
The image is indescribable. More than were countable. Some were noteably professional shows, distinguishable by the area of sky lit up and the frequency between each explosion. Others--MANY others--seen throughout the entire span of view were smaller, but equally impressive in their joining with the others. Haze cluttered the night sky, even more apparent through the smoky smell. Explosions continued, echoes following, leaving showers of light in abundance.

A great view. A great experience. All thanks to the Dick Building, and to a town that knows how to celebrate its country's independence.