3 lbs and growing

Last doctor's visit my belly still wasn't measuring very big so the doctor ordered another ultrasound just to make sure the baby's growth was on track. We got to see her again yesterday and she's getting chubbier and more baby looking--yea! Turns out she's just under 3 pounds and is bigger than 60% of babies (er, fetuses?) her age, so no more worries of her being too little. My belly's still measuring small but apparently that could be because she's breach which apparently makes me look smaller.

I'm 28 weeks along which means she's 26 weeks old, and only 12 to go! The time will go fast. And to help pass the time there's always the little concerns that they have to look into to be eliminated as problems. My blood type is negative so I had to have a shot yesterday that will help my body to not react negatively if her blood type is not negative. I also failed my glucola test for gestational diabetes by a few points so I have to go back in for more testing to determine if I need to adjust my diet or not. And they want me on iron supplements as my hemoglobin's been slowly decreasing.

But she's still active as everything and measuring right for her age. Praise God! Who knew pregnancy could be more complicated than expressed in movies and on TV? ha ha. Will make seeing her all the more exciting!