Pregnant--the new sexy.

Or so the pregnancy magazines advertise. I don't feel sexy, but I guess that's the point--if they say it enough maybe pregnant women everywhere will start to feel it. For now, I just don't. Instead, I'm looking forward to when it's over. When I get to drink fruit punch without feeling hunger-like pangs from the sugar overload. (I didn't test positive for gestational diabetes but my blood sugar still greatly affects me). When I can wear my jeans WITHOUT a ponytail holder keeping them closed. When I can walk my normal pace--when Daniel will go back to trying to keep up with me instead of me trailing behind him. When I'll actually have an answer to the ever so prevalent "how's the baby doing." When I can see that precious little baby (screams and poopy diapers and all) and know that this is all worth it--that she's worth every day that I have felt unsexy. Because it's not about me. For once in life I get to learn what that really means! And yet another reason I'm ready for this part to be over--it's not until she's here and in my arms that I'll hold onto who it is about. (Well, don't tell her that--we'd like to avoid having a spoiled child!)