If baby's out, it's all the same

Queen Doozer's stubborn and apparently really likes sleeping on her side. (I guess she's like her mom.) We get an ultrasound next week and if she's still side ways (breech) then we're supposed to decide if we let the doctor's try and flip her (works 50% of the time and no telling if she'll stay that way) or we'll schedule a C-section. Daniel and I have talked about it and if it comes to that, we're going for the C-section. There's a reason these things happen, and possibly her being bigger than 60% of other babies just means she can't fit through me--in which case, I don't want to try!

So, she might be around a week sooner than we thought--right in the middle of finals. Great! And on the weather updates, we had 74 degree weather a couple days ago and today it's cold and SNOWing!

Happy Holidays!! : )