1/2 way there...

I went home after classes, doctor's appointment, and work to a messy living room. So, instead of cleaning it like a normal person, I made it look like a war zone and rearranged it all. (I knew I had a couple hours while Daniel was at work.) After stopping for breaks a lot, contemplating leaving it a disaster, and getting up to move only one thing at a time, the living room's clean AND arranged how I want it to be when the baby comes home. And the added bonus? Daniel likes it too.

When the baby comes home.... after my doctor's appointment yesterday it sounds like it could be soon. (Even if she goes to term that's still only 1 1/2 weeks away!) I was asking the doctor about epidurals and her view on when it's too late to get one. She mentioned that people usually want one when they're 4-5 centimeters dilated because that's when contractions are usually strongest. She gave this answer before she did my exam and found out that I am currently 5 centimeters. She left off the visit with "See you next week... if we don't see you in the hospital before then."

Sure finals are coming up. Sure I've still got that paper to write. Sure I still want my bedroom, the dining room, and the kitchen cleaned and organized. But I'd love to be in the hospital "before then."